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This area is very much under development.  Please visit the galleries below, however, and give me a hand identifying who/what/where/when!

TMC People These are a bunch of photos of various TMC corporate officers and staff.  I've ID'd some, but could use help with the others!  Significantly update 8/20/11.
NY State Emergency Management Stations In the mid-60's the state of NY Office of Civil Defense (OCD, later State Emergency Management Office, SEMO) built a Master Control station at Albany, and around a half-dozen auxiliary stations in underground bunkers at various locations around the state.  TMC built and installed the communications equipment for these stations.  Some of the equipment survives, and is actively being restored.  Take a virtual tour of one of the bunkers..
Massachusetts Civil Defense Installed earlier than the NY OCD systems, these installations employed GPT-750's, GPR-90's, sideband and tty adapters, and M19 teletypes.
White House Communications Agency The WHCA was founded in 1941 to handle Presidential telecommunications support.  WHCA used quite a bit of TMC equipment for many of its mobile and special projects operations.
Project Baker Perhaps the first of TMC's air-transportable communications systems project, this one was built in the late 50's at the Waverly Ave plant (later systems were built at Alexandria).  Military designation is UNKNOWN!.   If you recognize this system, please let me know any info you might have about it!
Project Dog AKA AN/TSC-24 (ATCU-100) Air Transportable Communications System
Project Echo Portable communications system consisting of 4 GPT-40K's and 4 75KW diesel generators.  Mil designation unknown at this time..
Project Henry An unidentified portable military communications system comprising a shelter and unsynthesized GPT-10K.
Project Jenny Project Jenny (AKA, Project 15) was undertaken by TMC for the Navy; its objective was to build a flying radio/TV transmitter site aboard Super Constellation aircraft.  These planes were flown successfully during the Vietnam conflict, where they provided entertainment and psy ops, and were operated by the Blue Eagle squadron.
WWV, Fort Collins, CO TMC transmitters were installed at Fort Collins when WWV first started broadcasting time signals in 1966.  And, amazingly, they're still on the air!!
Londonderry Pictures of the US Navy's Londonderry, Northern Ireland communications installation
British Columbia Phone Company Multiple SBT-1K's installed at Vancouver to handle radio telephone traffic
Radio Free Europe TMC installed 4 GPT-10KR's in Germany in the 1963-64 time frame.
RCA Global Communications TMC installed a "No-Break" power system at RCA's 60 Broad St, NYC location.
Shipboard Installations Gallery of photos taken of various shipboard installations, including the SS Independence and the Trumpy yatch.
Western Electric Project 660 HF Emergency Communications System for Ice Cap Sites
Western Electric Project 661 Special transmit/receive system for Western Electric.
Trade Shows Gallery of trade-show photos.
NAF McMurdo, Antarctica TMC installed some communications equipment at NAF McMurdo (early name for McMurdo Station).
Navy Brass visit TMC Gallery of photos that appear to be a contingent from the US Navy visiting Mamaroneck to inspect the Fly-Away portable communication system (built at TMC Canada).
Navcommstat Honolulu This gallery contains a few photos of Navcomsta Honolulu, with receiver site at Waihia and transmitter site at Lualualei.  The transmitter site was commanded by George Dixon in the mid-fifties!
Puzzlers This gallery, which will probably grow significantly over time, contains photos I can't identify.  If you have any information about any of these places/things, let me know!