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The US Navy maintained a major communications center in and near Honolulu, Hawaii.  The receiver site was at Wahiawa (Helemano) and the transmitter site at Lualualei. 

Coincidentally (?) the OIC at the transmitter site in the 1950's was George Dixon, later of Project Jenny fame and a corporate officer at TMC.  Then a young Lt Cdr, he commanded station "T", the transmitter site, and was referred to as "Uncle George" by his charges.

Below are a couple of photos from the TMC archive.. I'm hoping more will show up!

rx_wahiawa_1.jpg (880905 bytes) rx_wahiawa_2.jpg (810928 bytes)    
This photo says "Official Navy Photo" on the reverse side, along with "Navcommsta Honolulu Waihia Hawaii" This photo shows a huge bank of FRR-502's, TMC's first remotely controlled HF receivers, along with their control system components.