Western Electric Project 661

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Project 661 appears to have been a special package designed for Western.  It contains a brace of GPT-750's, configured for both AM (plate-modulated) and SSB (using an external SBE).  The package also contains a pair of GPR-90RX's with MSR SSB converters, and an RTC to control the transmitters.  There are also several patch panels, what may be special antenna couplers, and 2 speaker panels.  The date for this assembly isn't clear, but the GPT-750's are -1's.  The first GPT-750 drawings appeared in 1955, and it appears that the cabinet re-design happened in 1956, so the evidence suggests that Project 661 was built in 1955 or early '56.

we_661_1.jpg (357618 bytes) we_661_2.jpg (732298 bytes)
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