Trade Shows

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Like all other electronics companies, TMC had booths at trade shows.  This gallery shows the trade-show photos from the TMC archives.

trade_show_1.jpg (666069 bytes) trade_show_3.jpg (707868 bytes) trade_show_2.jpg (654626 bytes) trade_show_4.jpg (595725 bytes)
74300-1.  No info, equipment appears to be from the 70's. 74300-2.  No info, but evidently the same show as the photo to the left. 71260-1.  No info.. 78070-C1.  Ankers Capitol Photographers, Washington, DC.
trade_show_6.jpg (774587 bytes) trade_show_yugo.jpg (424023 bytes) trade_show_5.jpg (708745 bytes)  
Another shot of the trade show (DC?) show in the above row, right. 2342.  Labelled "Distributor Exhibition Yugoslavia October 1969".  Photo by Adrian Clark, Jericho, NY. 67241-2.  Clearly trade-show babes are not a recent invention.. :)  This display appears to be a power control panel from TMC Power Systems.