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This page contains photos of various employees and executives at TMC.  While I've been able to identify many of them, others are unknown, and I'd be grateful for any help you can provide identifying people.  If you recognize any of the "unknowns", please send me mail at .

Company Founder Ray H. de Pasquale

pre_wi_ground_1.jpg (779618 bytes) pre_wi_ground_2.jpg (871911 bytes) ray_dep1.jpg (658296 bytes) ray_dep_portrait.jpg (466510 bytes)
Photo by Drucker-Hilbert Co. 106 W. 43rd Street, New York 18, NY, Photo number 5722#4.  Attached label says: "From Press Wireless, Inc. 1475 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y.  MEN BEHIND THE NEW PRESS WIRELESS ENGINEERING AND ASSEMBLY PLANT in Long Island City are Left to Right, Ray H. dePasquale, Director of Manufacturing, Press Wireless, William Welsh, President of Welsh Brothers Contracting Company of Long Island City, Builder-Owner, and Salvatore Barone, Chief Manufacturing Engineer, Press Wireless."  Sal Barone later went on to become the founder and president of Northern Radio in New York City. Photo by Drucker-Hilbert Co. 106 W. 43rd Street, New York 18, NY, Photo number 5722#3.  Attached label says: "From Press Wireless, Inc. 1475 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. PRESS WIRELESS HISTORY IN THE MAKING.  Salvatore A. Barone, Chief Manufacturing Engineer, and Ray H. dePasquale, Director of Manufacturing, Press Wireless, Center, Turned the First Earth for the Foundations of the New Manufacturing Engineering Plant at 35th Avenue and 38th Street, Long Island City, July 16, 1945.  Looking on and Applauding are Members of the Manufacturing and Engineering Staff." Portrait of Ray dePasquale, no date, no number.   This portrait was used in the 1962 Annual Report for the "message from the president". Another terrific portrait of Ray deP, with his characteristic pipe.
ray_dep_portrait2.jpg (338044 bytes) ray_portrait3.jpg (572034 bytes)    
Labeled "Personnel: Ray de Pasquale".  This portrait was used in the 1960 Annual Report. No number.  This portrait was used in the 1963 Annual Report.    
ray_technimatic.jpg (645125 bytes) ray_technimatic2.jpg (841747 bytes) ray_technimatic3.jpg (889622 bytes)  
R6412.2-8.  Photo of Ray deP with an unknown associate at the controls of an ARCA-1 receiver Technimatic remote control system. No number.  Ray at controls of ARCA-1, with DDR-5BR in background. R6412.2-3. This photo was used in the "message from the president" section of the 1964 Annual Report.  

Corporate Officers and Personnel

This group of photos consists of various portraits and group shots of TMC executives and employees.

photo1.jpg (803343 bytes) bill_pritchard.jpg (365475 bytes) bill_deans.jpg (374045 bytes) corp_officers.jpg (889675 bytes)
XCR6911.10.  Back of photo: "TOP VIP".  Leaning over adjusting the MMX exciter is Bill Deans.  Person at left unknown.  TOPVIP was the code name for an installation of 1KW transmitters at Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the Provincial Radio Network. No number.  Portrait of Bill D. Pritchard.  Pritchard became VP and Director, Engineering in 1965. No number. Company founder and VP Bill Deans.  Deans, and active radio amateur, worked in the Press Wireless Hicksville manufacturing plant during WW2.  R701.15-1.  Photo of corporate officers.  Left to right:  Harold Morse (company attorney), Neil dePasquale, Doug Caroll (Managing Director), Ray dePasquale (company founder and President), Ernie Matson (Ray's nephew, special projects VP, later Exec VP), Bill Deans (Company founder, VP, then VP, Sales), Ted Jennings (Kidder Peabody),
photo2.jpg (747027 bytes) photo3.jpg (746519 bytes) ray_ted_check.jpg (711788 bytes) stock_bell.jpg (895754 bytes)
1552.  All unknown. No number.  I believe the people in the photo are left to right, D. H. Tinker, Ray deP, Bill Gallione, and unknown. No number.  Ted Jennings handing Ray deP a check.  Others in photo unknown.  Check is from Kidder Peabody, dated Oct. 23, 1959, and appears to be in the amount of $500,000.  Possibly the proceeds of TMC's IPO? No number.  This wonderful photo shows TMC's corporate officers "ringing the bell" at the NY Stock Exchange in 1963.  Pictured, left to right, Bill Gallione (Exec VP), G. W. (Ted) Jennings (Board member, Kidder Peabody), Marjorie M. dePasquale (Ray's wife, board member), John Gallione (Bill's brother, who held various offices at TMC), Allan J. Moccia (Treasurer, American Airlines, Board member), and Ray dePasquale (founder and President).
ray_marjerie.jpg (924277 bytes) ray_marjorie_model.jpg (793180 bytes) ray_dep_model.jpg (826025 bytes) tmc_flag.jpg (788435 bytes)
Labeled on back:  Personnel: Mr, Mrs Ray dePasquale.  At left is Herb Shauers, head of TMC AG, Switzerland. Photo 878-5 by Tommy Weber, 202 E. 39th Str, NY 16, NY. Ted Jennings, Donald H. Tinker (Treasurer/Controller), Marjorie deP, Ray deP, and Doug Carroll.  Perhaps taken at stock exchange?  Trade show? Photo 878-2 by Tommy Weber, clearly taken at same time as photo to left.   Ray (right) and unknown person. No number.  Hoisting the TMC Company flag.  Holding the end of the flag is Conrad Gebhardt, TMC Industrial Corp.
tony_faiola_gpt750.jpg (868123 bytes) photo4.jpg (225605 bytes) staff_at_700.jpg (856183 bytes) rca_jeroffsky.jpg (611415 bytes)
PH-546.  This photo is well-known to most TMC collectors.  It shows a youthful Tony Faiola (actually, he's still pretty youthful!) examining the innards of a GPT-750 on the production line.  These are early production -1 '750's, and I believe this photo was taken at 705 Fennimore, a building (still standing) across the street from the company's main plant at 700 Fennimore, Mamaroneck, NY.  Many thanks to Tony for loaning me this photo! No number.  Ted Jennings enjoying a cup of coffee with two unknowns, perhaps at a trade show? No number.  This photo taken at front door of 700 Fennimore.  Back row, left to right: unknown man, unknown woman, Bill Gallione (Exec VP), Ray dePasquale (Pres), Gene ??, John Gallione (Secretary & Dir. Marketing), Conrad Gebhardt (TMC Industrial).  Front row: all unknown, except right-most: Harold Morse (company atty). RCA Transmit/Receive System.  Seated is Al Jeroffsky, a key engineer at TMC in the 50's - 60's.
machinist.jpg (720399 bytes) con_with_employees.jpg (858482 bytes) tmc_systems_key.jpg (817669 bytes) tmc_signing.jpg (890471 bytes)
No number.  Unknown TMC employee. No number.  Employees gathered around one of many version of the CON console.  All are unknown, except for left-hand-most person standing, Hal Winters (Tech Rep) and 2nd from right, company founder Doug Carroll. 29.5.  Written on back: "Here's the pen to sign, next comes the key to the building," said Carlyle R. Boguess, (seated on right) Managing Director, Shirley Industrial Properties, Inc. and owner of the building, to Gen. H. L Scofield, (seated on left) President of TMC Systems, Inc. and TMC Power Distribution, Inc.  The even was the signing of the contract for the new $2,000,000 building being built in the Shirley Industrial Park to house both TMC companies.  Looking on are (left to right) Bob Duncan, Realtor and a Member of the Governor's Commission on Industrial Development and Planning for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Joseph G. Hamrick, Director, Commonwealth of Virginia Industrial Development and Planning. Damaged and un-numbered photo.
photo5.jpg (692698 bytes) photo6.jpg (634817 bytes) ray_group.jpg (874410 bytes) TMC circa 1984-85-1.jpg (34953 bytes)
No number.. unknown TMC employee. No number, no info on this photo. No number of info on this photo, other than "Personnel, Ray de Pasquale". This photo was taken and sent to me by Bob Wilson  in about 1985.  It shows the new GPT-10K with MMX-4 exciter.  The people in the photo are, left to right, Frank Moore, Joe Iannuzzi and Bob McClain.  Frank was the production lead for the GPT-10K; Bob says "..he could assemble one with his eyes closed."  Joe was the QC inspector as well as the union steward  Bob was a line leader for the MMX exciters and many other small, complex assemblies.
robinson_portrait.jpg (734812 bytes) haselbeck_portrait.jpg (818418 bytes)    
This photo is labeled "Robinson".  The photo was taken by Adrian Clark, suggesting that this was a TMC Arizona employee. This photo labeled "Haselbeck".  Like the photo to the left, evidence suggests a TMC Arizona employee.    

Company Meetings

This first group of photos was taken at the 1966 company annual meeting.

annual_meet_66_1.jpg (680182 bytes) annual_meet_66_2.jpg (721033 bytes) annual_meet_66_3.jpg (711284 bytes) annual_meet_66_4.jpg (676550 bytes)
At podium, Al Lennox, head of TMC Systems AG, Switzerland.  Center, Ray dePasquale, and at right, Doug Carroll.  Lennox' tenure at TMC Sys AG was "problematic".. Left to right:  Ernie Mattson, Ted Jennings, John Gallione, and Hank Geist (at podium). Left to right:  Ernie Mattson, Ted Jennings, John Gallione, George Dixon (VP Sales) at podium, Ray deP.  Dixon was a very interesting figure, both during his Navy career and in his complex connections with TMC.  He is regarded as the 'father' of Project Jenny. Left to right:  Ernie Mattson, Ted Jennings, John Gallione, Doug Carroll (company founder at podium), Ray deP.
annual_meet_66_5.jpg (895007 bytes) annual_meet_66_6.jpg (910227 bytes) annual_meet_66_7.jpg (877776 bytes)  
This photo, and the 2 to the right turned up recently.  All were mounted, but have no information other than "1966 Annual Meeting".  These folks are clearly stockholders, and they don't look all that happy, really... Ray de P addressing the '66 Stockholder's Meeting. I believe this is Bill Deans addressing the meeting.  
annual_meeting.jpg (964811 bytes) annual_meeting_13.jpg (792357 bytes) ray_podium.jpg (183159 bytes)  
C701.15-7.  Annual meeting, unknown year, Ray deP speaking C701.15-13.  Closeup of podium at same meeting shown at left.  Al Moccia (?), Doug Carroll, Ted Jennings, Ray deP, Ernie Mattson, Bill Deans,, unknown, seated at table. No number.  Ray deP holding forth at an unknown event.  

Below are not very great scans of the proof sheet for the C701.15 film roll, two of whose prints are shown above.

ann_meet_7.jpg (35652 bytes) ann_meet_8.jpg (34511 bytes) ann_meet_9.jpg (31370 bytes) ann_meet_10.jpg (30803 bytes)
C701.15-1 C701.15-2 C701.15-3 C701.15-4
ann_meet_11.jpg (31693 bytes) ann_meet_12.jpg (32138 bytes) ann_meet_1.jpg (32135 bytes) ann_meet_2.jpg (36231 bytes)
C701.15-5 C701.15-6 C701.15-7 C701.15-8
ann_meet_3.jpg (35402 bytes) ann_meet_4.jpg (34442 bytes) ann_meet_5.jpg (37017 bytes) ann_meet_6.jpg (30606 bytes)
701.15-9 701.15-10 701.15-11 701.15-12
ann_meet_13.jpg (32851 bytes)