Project Henry

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Project Henry appears to have been yet another unidentified portable military communications system.  This system consisted of a single portable shelter equipped with a GPT-10K (unsynthesized).


prj_henry_transmitter.jpg (919760 bytes) prj_henry_shelter1.jpg (834615 bytes)    
9143.  Photo shows unsynthesized (early) GPT-10K inside the Project Henry shelter, braced for transport with some 2x4's. 9143-1.  This photo shows the shelter parked inside the TMC Systems facility, prior to transport.  Label on the shelter says, "Holmes & Narver Communications, Christmas Island, Attn. John Slinzak"    

Holmes & Narver appear to have been a government contractor providing logistical support for the Atomic Energy Commission, including equipment and support for the nuclear blast tests in the south pacific, with installations on Malden and Christmas Islands.  The company, originally located in Orange Co., CA,  appears to have had some contract-fraud difficulties over the years, but appears to be in business today.

If you are interested in odd and somewhat amusing facts, check out the definition of "Holmes and Narver" in the Urban Dictionary.. :)

These photos were most likely taken at TMC Systems in Arlington, VA.   The remaining photos in this gallery came from a contact sheet that shows the loading of a couple of shelters onto flatbeds for shipment.

prj_henry_1.jpg (92653 bytes) prj_henry_shelter.jpg (81189 bytes) prj_henry_load1.jpg (119118 bytes) prj_henry_load2.jpg (112832 bytes)
prj_henry_load3.jpg (109562 bytes) prj_henry_load4.jpg (118413 bytes) prj_henry_load5.jpg (116534 bytes) prj_henry_load6.jpg (117705 bytes)
prj_henry_load7.jpg (117644 bytes) prj_henry_load8.jpg (110061 bytes) prj_henry_load9.jpg (106421 bytes)