Project Echo

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Project Echo was another portable communications system produced by TMC, one for which I do not have the Military Designation.  If you know anything about this system, please let me know.

It appears that the system was composed of four trailers.  Two contained a pair of GPT-40K transmitters, along with antenna control systems.  The other two trailers comprise a pair of 75KW diesel generators (each) to power the transmitters.

echo_trailers_alexandria.jpg (691395 bytes) echo_trailers_2.jpg (595295 bytes) echo_t-line_press.jpg (679512 bytes) echo_conns.jpg (1118517 bytes)
9108.1 "Project Echo.  Transmitting vans showing air conditioning louvers in front.  Power trailers with two 75KW generators on each trailer." 9108.  "Project Echo.  Power trailers (two 75KW diesel generators on each trailer). 9124.  "Project Echo.  Transmission line pressurization system." 9124.2.  "Project Echo showing accessory panel for control cabling.  This panel mounted below van."
echo_gpt-40k's_1.jpg (785792 bytes) echo_gpt-40k's_2.jpg (715780 bytes) echo_gpt-40k's_3.jpg (788680 bytes) echo_gpt-40k's_4.jpg (777661 bytes)
9124.8 "Project Echo. View looking forward showing air intake ducts to transmitters.  Exhaust ducts are to the rear of the transmitters. 9124.7  "Project Echo.  GPT-40K transmitter in front half of van."  This view taken from same direction as photo to left, but near front of van. 9124.3  "Project Echo showing both GPT-40K transmitters."  Taken from a position near the front of the van looking toward the rear. 9124.5 "Project Echo.  Antenna control unit and GPT-40K in rear half of van."