TMC Installation at RCA Global Communications

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This page contains pictures of TMC's "No-Break" power system at RCA Global Communnications at 60 Broad Street, New York City.

rca_global_comm_equip1.jpg (839098 bytes) rca_global_comm_equip2.jpg (915369 bytes) rca_global_comm_batt1.jpg (790478 bytes) rca_global_comm_batt2.jpg (855861 bytes)
R6911.19-1 R6911.19-2.  Written on back:  "Jack Shaeffer, RCA & Joe Sweier, Construction Engineer, RCA, at main control console in basement RCA Global Communications No-Break System provided by TMC.  Mr. Sweier is reading graph recording of Con Edison input power.  Variations shown on graph are detrimental to computer operation.  No Break System eliminates these fluctuations." R6911.19-3.  Written on back: "Battery Bau;es (sic) for 2 operational TMC No-Break Power Systems installed at RCA Global Communication Center, 60 Broad St. NYC." R6911.19-3.  Written on back: "Workers installing batteries for 3rd solid state "No-Break" System at RCA Global Communications Center at 60 Broad St. NYC."