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This area is very much under development.  Eventually there will be a reasonably complete history of the company, photo galleries, and various other entries

Plants and Facilities 700_fenimore_mars_truck.jpg (919756 bytes) A virtual tours of TMC's plants, facilities, and sales offices.
TMC Ham Shacks ray_qsl1_front.jpg (157845 bytes) Photos of shacks, QSL cards, and other info about TMC's interest in ham radio
"The Voice of TMC" voice_of_tmc_cover.jpg (3667351 bytes) The Voice of TMC was the company's internal newspaper/magazine.  It appears to have been published monthly, but one 3 issues have come my way.  If you have any of these magazines, please let me know!
Laboratory Notebooks IMG_2866.JPG (379276 bytes) Neil de Pasquale kindly  loaned me a couple of original lab notebooks from the early 60's.  This link takes you to scans of those notebooks.
Company Annual Reports and Filings 59_annual_report.jpg (935966 bytes) Annual reports from 1959 (the year the company went public) to 1994.
TMC Books and Pamphlets ssb_primer.jpg (966844 bytes) This link takes you to a a list of scanned books and pamphlets produced by the company, including the  SSB primer shown in the picture to left.
Photo Galleries ray_dep_portrait2.jpg (338044 bytes) This link points to a growing set of photo galleries:  people, projects, places.   I could really use help identifying some of these places and things!
Products that Weren't underwater_generator.jpg (1161643 bytes) This link takes you a gallery of "products" that TMC attempted to develop as its Navy radio business began to drop away.  These included some fairly bizarre ideas, like a 1MW underwater nuclear power generator, a line of commercial/ham radio equipment, Joe Namath's football helmet, and others.