Navy Brass visit TMC

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This group of photos appears all together on a single contact sheet.  It appears to document a visit by a bunch of Navy officers to TMC in Mamaroneck to inspect the "Fly-Away" system, a complete transportable communications system packaged in TOC containers, manufactured by TMC Canada.

As ever, if you can identify anyone in these photos, or know anything about this visit, please let me know!

nbv_R609.8-3.jpg (797759 bytes) nbv_R609.8-4.jpg (908710 bytes) nbv_R609.8-9.jpg (882158 bytes) nbv_unknown.jpg (756876 bytes)
R609.8-3. R609.8-4 R609.8-9.  Not sure which location this is.  The "penthouse" in the background may indicate that this is the Waverly Ave plant. No number.  As in the photo at the left, the group is examining the TU of an ATS-2, part of the Fly-Away system.
nbv_R609.8-6.jpg (699692 bytes) nbv_unknown1.jpg (636701 bytes) nbv_unknown2.jpg (848947 bytes) nbv_lobby1.jpg (140711 bytes)
R609.8-6 No number. No number. No number.  The brass and TMC welcoming committee.  I'm reasonably certain this is the lobby of 700 Fenimore, taken from the stairs.
nbv_lobby2.jpg (118076 bytes) nbv_flyaway1.jpg (120112 bytes) nbv_flyaway2.jpg (114154 bytes)  
No number.  Another shot of the visitors and TMC-ers in the 700 Fenimore lobby. No number.  A shot of the Fly-Away system, perhaps in the "penthouse" that appears in the antenna photo above. Another shot of the Fly-Away system.