Western Electric Project 660

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Project 660's objective was establishing an emergency communications system between Ice Cap Sites (DYE-2 and DYE-4) on the Greenland Ice Sheet and DYE-1 and -3.  Specifically, the locations of the four stations were:

DYE-1 Qaqqatpqaq, Greenland
DYE-2 Greenland Ice Cap Site (IceCap-1)
DYE-3 Greenland Ice Cap Site (IceCap-2)
DYE-4 Kulusuk, Greenland

There's a great deal of information and personal recollections about these sites on the web.  For example, Wikipedia describes DYE-3 as "..ice core site and previously part of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line, located at (6511′N 4349′W, 2480 masl)[1] in Greenland. As a DEW line base, it was disbanded in years 1990/1991."

Western Electric's plan for the Emergency Communications System linking the Ice Cap Sites to other, presumably safer, sites in Greenland is outlined in the document:

Project Sheet--Distant Communication and Warning Systems, Project 660

..dated December 1959.  The specification says that stations at DYE-1 and DYE-4 consist of monitor receivers only, continuously monitoring 5295 Kc.  Stations at DYE-2 and -3, the ice cap stations, are specified as containing both transmitters and receivers.  Oddly the drawings of the equipment layout show that both types of stations were identical, apart from having rather different antenna arrangements.  The specification says that DYE-1 would monitor DYE-2, and DYE-4 would monitor DYE-3, all on 5295 Kc, "in case of a disaster at the Ice Cap Sites."  The equipment at DYE-2/-3 would be located "..in the disaster shelter at each of these sites.  The antennas associated with this equipment should be mounted on the Disaster Shelter."  The equipment at DYE-1/-4 "..should be located in a 10' x 10' shielded section of the LC room at each of these sites."

Both -2/-3 transmitting stations and -1/-4 monitoring stations were equipped with a GPT-750(B)-2 (the AM version of the GPT-750), an SBE-2 external sideband exciter, and an RTC console (transmit), as well as a GPR-90 receiver, MSR-4 sideband converter, and LSP-1 speaker (receive).  The -1/-4 stations used a TAC antenna tuner, while the -2/-3 used an ATS remotely tuned tuner. 

The photo below is labeled "604.4-3 Venezuela", but shows the exact configuration of equipment called for in the Project 660 documentation for the DYE-1/-4 stations.  I believe this photo was taken inside 700 Fenimore Rd.

we_660_dye1-4_front.jpg (647302 bytes)