Project Dog

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Project Dog, AKA SYM-2003, AKA AN/TSC-24 (ATCU-100) was an air transportable communications system consisting of 3 (ATCU-100) or 5 (ATCU-100A) shelters along with diesel generators.  The system consisted of

TRT-12(V) Medium Pwr Tx Shelter dog_system_overview.jpg (775663 bytes)
TRT-13(V) High Pwr Tx Shelter
TRR-16(V) Receiver Control Shelter
OA-3773/TSC-24 Relay Shelter
P_-550/TSC(V) 55KW Diesel Generator
S-242/T Shelter

..along with antenna systems for the transmitters and receivers.  There is quite a bit of information about the system, its various configurations, and its deployments on K4NYW's Navy-Radio website.  Also thanks to Nick (K4NYW), a copy of the Army's Technical Specification for the TSC-24 came my way.  TMC was heavily involved in the construction of this system, outfitting the shelters, supplying much of the equipment, and integrating equipment and shelters, most likely at the Arlington, VA site.  TMC Power Systems built the diesel generators that power the system.  The photo gallery below shows pictures of the system components and the shelters during and after construction.  Most of the photos were taken by "Photos by Marler", Alexandria, VA.

dog_system1.jpg (590017 bytes) dog_shelters1.jpg (777299 bytes) dog_shelters2.jpg (703336 bytes) dog_vans.jpg (635774 bytes)
Unmarked, but evidently showing TSC-24 deployment. "Shelters Showing Interconnecting Cables" "Shelters Ready for Installation of Equipment. Color photo of "dog" shelters.
dog_med_pwr_const_1.jpg (913176 bytes) dog_med_pwr_const_2.jpg (924785 bytes) dog_med_pwr_const_3.jpg (996662 bytes) dog_med_pwr_const_4.jpg (732179 bytes)
8929-1.  The photos on this row show the medium-power van under construction. 8929-4.  8929-1 (incorrectly numbered) Unnumbered.  Shows medium power van after installation iis complete.  Note differences in overhead lighting compared to shots below.  Could there have been two runs of TSC-24's?
dog_med_pwr_inside1.jpg (916604 bytes) dog_med_pwr_inside2.jpg (889617 bytes) dog_med_pwr_inside3.jpg (833826 bytes) dog_med_pwr_inside4.jpg (866246 bytes)
8929.  Equipment mounted in TRT-12, Medium Pwr Shelter, including a brace of URT-19(V)'s as well as UHF and VHF radios. 8943-3  Another view of the Medium Pwr equipment..  These two views are from the inside of the shelter looking out toward the door. 8943-1.  A view of the medium-power shelter equipment from the doorway.  This view shows the VHF equipment and 2 of the URT-19's in the shelter. 8943-4.  This view shows the right side of the medium-power shelter, including the other 2 URT-19's.
dog_med_pwr_inside5.jpg (815578 bytes) dog_med_pwr_inside6.jpg (791003 bytes) dog_hi_pwr_inside.jpg (879623 bytes) dog_trt-13_inside.jpg (939268 bytes)
No photo number.  This view shows the right-hand pair of URT-19's whilst still under construction. 8943-8.  This view shows the Medium-Power Van equipment facing toward the van door.  8976.  A GPT-10K shoe-horned into the tiny AN/TRT-13(V) shelter. Another view looking into the door of AN/TRT-13, the High Pwr Shelter
dog_rx_shelter.jpg (978763 bytes) dog_trt-12_acc_panel.jpg (889891 bytes) dog_trt-12_acc_panel1.jpg (895948 bytes) dog_trt-13_acc_panel.jpg (879976 bytes)
9068-7.  Looking into the TRT-16(V) receiver shelter. 9068.  "Curbside Accessory Panel for Medium Power Transmitting Shelter AN/TRT-12(V)" 9068-2.  "Roadside Accessory Panel for Medium Power Transmitting Shelter AN/TRT-12(V)" "Roadside Accessory Panel -- High Power Transmitter Shelter AN/TRT-13(V)"
dog_trr-16_acc_panel.jpg (838307 bytes) dog_trr-16_rx_acc_panel.jpg (702455 bytes) dog_tsc-24_acc_panel.jpg (824482 bytes) dog_generator_controls.jpg (824110 bytes)
9068-1.  "Curbside Accessory Panel for Receiver Control Shelter AN/TRR-16(V)" 9068-3.  "Roadside Accessory Panel of Receiver Control Shelter AN/TRR-16(V)" 9068-3.  "Accessory Panel for Relay Shelter OA-3773/TSC-24(V)" 9101.  Closeup of diesel controls and connector panel on PU-550.
dog_reel_gen1.jpg (953646 bytes) dog_reel_gen2.jpg (929906 bytes) dog_reel_gen3.jpg (697624 bytes) dog_generator_front.jpg (847141 bytes)
Front view of the PO-550/TSC(V) diesel generator built by TMC Power Systems Described on photo as "Reel Generator", another view of the generator. PH2001D.  Also described as "Reel Tractor". 9101-1.  Another view of the diesel generator.
dog_pwr_valves.jpg (728210 bytes) dog_vhf_antennas.jpg (693027 bytes)    
9101-2.  Closeup of hydraulic pump and valves on PU-550. 9103-3.  VHF/UHF antennas.  Can't quite tell which shelter these are attached to.    
dog_relay_inside.jpg (934221 bytes) dog_relay_inside1.jpg (927665 bytes) dog_relay_construction.jpg (912187 bytes)  
9668-10.  Labeled "Photo E", the appears to be the interior of OA-3773/TSC-24, the Relay Shelter.  Photo also says "SYM-2003" and is dated May 8, 1964. 9068-6.  "Project Dog."  Message Center showing mounted teletype equipment and patch field.  Closer view of the tty equipment inside the Relay Shelter. 8965-1.  Labeled "Relay Van under Construction, T.M.C. Systems, Inc., Alexandria, VA."  
dog_relay_construction2.jpg (872710 bytes) dog_unknown_connector.jpg (823620 bytes) dog_uwave_antennas.jpg (815408 bytes)  
8965.  Labelled "Equipment Racks for Relay Van, T.M.C. Systems, Inc., Alexandria, Va." 8929-8.  Unknown connector panel. This photo is labeled only "Dog, Project".  The shelter in this photo doesn't look quite right, however, and doesn't appear to match the other shelters in Project Dog.