TMC Field Engineering Bulletins, Sales and Service Bulletins, and Technical Bulletins

This page contains links to scans of TMC's Sales and Service Bulletins (SSB's) and Technical Bulletins (TB's).  These Bulletins are 4-8 page brochures that describe the applications of various TMC products.   The SSB's started off being sequentially numbered from 100 (I believe); later the numbering scheme changed to the form xxx.XXXX, others x.XXXX, and still other xxx-XXXX. So, for example, the DAC is covered by the OLD bulletin 158A, and the NEW bulletin 204-4413.  

Still later, about 1963, TMC had so many products that the company elected to divide the SSB's and TB's into sections, numbered in the 1000's.  These sections were:

1000 Transmitters 6000 Test Equipment
2000 Accessories 7000 Connector Products
3000 Receivers 8000 RF Products & Antenna Accessories
4000 Receiver Accessories 9000 Accessory Equipment
5000 Terminal Equipment    

Note that the Sale/Service and Technical Bulletins seem to be part of the same numeric series.  Whether a particular bulletin was listed as Sales/Service or Technical seems to have been a matter of whim, since they cover identical subject matter, and indeed some are sequentially numbered and clearly belong together.  They are listed together below.

Why would you care about this? Well.... these Bulletins are a terrific way to put together the entire TMC story, since they outline all of the various building blocks that TMC made and how these blocks are assembled into complete equipment sets. In other words, the Bulletins are an essential guide to TMC collecting.

THANKS to Bob McClain for the loan of some 40 FEB's and SSB's!

If you have any Technical or Sales/Service Bulletins or other TMC ephemera that's not listed here, I would be very grateful if you'd make a good, single-sided copy or high-quality scan and email it to me. I'll post it and give you credit. Send me email at .

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Sales/Service Bulletins (SSBs) and Technical Bulletings (TBs)