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GPT-750 Master Oscillator Repair and Calibration

How to Repair the TMC GPT-750 Master Oscillator by Paul J. Spivak is reproduced here with permission of Electric Radio Magazine.  This article originally appeared as the second of a two-part series in the December 2010 of ER (# 259).

GPT-750 Fan Repair

This link shows how to repair a noisy fan in a GPT-750 by replacing the bearings, with many thanks to Nick Tusa!

Early Production GSB-1

Grant Youngman, NQ5T, ran into an oddball a while back.  It's a very nice GSB-1, but with fairly significant differences from the version that's described in the manual on this website (and elsewhere).  It appears to be either a prototype, or a very early production unit.  Grant wrote up a nice essay, with photos, that describes the differences in details.

TMC XFK (C-2749/URT) Restoration Plan

This document, written by Russ Miller, WA3FRP, describes the steps needed to restore and align the TMC XFK FSK exciter.  At some point, I'll attempt to add some useful pictures..

PAL-500 Restoration Notes

Chris Bolkan (KI7NXY) went through the wars with a highly modified PAL-500, and finally emerged the victor!  Since then, he's also restored a PAL-350 to full operation.  Here are his notes on his adventures:

I found myself with three of these very nice amplifiers, all in need of restoration. This document is my attempt to capture the process, probably in too much detail.

Tony Faiola's SBE VFO Frequency Charts

Thanks to the conversion scheme used in the SBE, calculating the correct frequency for the VFO for any given output frequency is straightforward, but a bother.  Tony Faiola kindly compiled a set of "cheat sheets" that you can use with your SBE/VOX (or PMO) combo to get the desired operating frequency.

Tony Faiola's GPT-750 HV Arcing Fix

Many thanks to Tony for providing this note on addressing high-voltage arcing in the GPT-750 power supply.  Tony reports that many times HV arcing is mis-diagnosed as a faulty 866 rectifier tube, when in fact the problem lies with the rectifier tube sockets!

TMC Drawings

I've had to manufacture or have reproduced a few odd parts for TMC rigs. Here are some drawings that may be useful to you, if you have to do the same.

TMC Meter Scans

Below are some scans of the meter scales for the PAL-1K power amplifer. Both JPG versions, and the original Adobe Photoshop files are provided. If you need to reproduce a meter scale, you may be able to simply download and print these scales. Otherwise, download the Photoshop files and clean them up as appropriate.

GPR-90RXD Crystal Compartment Tag Scan

Below is a scan at 600dpi of the tag that allows users to write in the crystal frequencies for the xtal-controlled local oscillator in the GPR-90RXD