TMC Hardware Information

Much of this section was provided by Bruce Berman, one of the most knowledgeable and careful TMC restorers anywhere!

DZUS Fasteners

Turns out you can get exact replacements for the Dzus fasteners that are used all over the place on TMC equipment, but mainly to attach sheet-metal covers to chassis.  Both the screws and the securing rings can be obtained from Aircraft Spruce of Peachtree City, GA. Phone: 877-477-7823 (


Bruce has successfully reproduced the nameplates that are often missing on TMC equipment, having been removed in the de-mil process quite often.  If you can obtain an original tag, and can either spare it for a few weeks, or make a very high-quality color scan, then it can be reproduced by Aluma Photoplate (  Here's Bruce's comments:

Reproductions of the original TMC (or any other manufacturer) ID Plates: Aluma Photo-Plate. Phone: 1-866-579-9096.  Aluma does great work; you have seen some of the reproductions they had done from the TMC ID plates I had submitted to them (I have, and they look great!).

For a more recent take on the problem of nameplate reproduction, click on Nameplates!