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This page provides descriptions of various things for sale on  These include replacement parts for TMC rigs that are otherwise hard or impossible to find, and a number of TMC commemorative items (shirts, mugs).  I'm not really in the retail business, so please forgive a bit of inefficiency when you place an order!

Here's how it works: 

1. Send me mail at , with what you want, how many, and your mailing address. 

2. I'll figure postage, send you the total..

3. You can send payment by personal check or PAYPAL (at the same email address shown in red above), and

4. I'll mail your item to you.

Manuals for Sale!!

Please visit the new Manuals for Sale page.

Captive Screws and Bushings for GPT-750 Front Panels

Item Description Price Each
gpt-750_screws.jpg (28853 bytes) These are the captive screws that secure the front panels of the various modules in a GPT-750 transmitter.  They are made from 303 Stainless Steel, NC machined, and passivated, per drawing SC-139. $15.80
gpt-750_bushings.jpg (15748 bytes) ...and these are the panel bushings that secure the above screws.  These bushings press into the panel and are then swaged to secure them (requires special tooling).  They're provided for those who want to make, or repair, GPT-750 panels.  Bushings are made from brass and nickel plated, per drawing NT-124. $12.50

Reproduction Equipment Tags

These tags were made by Aluma Photoplate using digital artwork (by me) that includes hi-res scans of the original logo art that TMC used for the originial tags!

If you have another piece of TMC gear that needs a tag, see the page on making your own tag, or get in touch with me at the above email address--I may be able to get the tag made for you, and hold the remainder (they come in lots of at least 10!), so that others can share the cost.

Tag Scan Equipment


pal-1k_tag_forsale.jpg (478152 bytes) This tag is for the PAL-1K amplifier assembly, and is attached to PS-4.  It measures 2" x 3".


ps-4_tag_forsale.jpg (198165 bytes) PAL-1K PS-4 tag (2" x 3") $12.00
ps-5_tag_forsale.jpg (202900 bytes) PAL-1K PS-5 tag (2" x 3") $12.00
rfd_tag_forsale.jpg (93356 bytes) PAL-1K RFD tag (for RF amplifier--measures 1-1/2" x 2") $7.50
pal-1k_set_tags_forsale.jpg (628238 bytes) Set of 4 tags for the PAL-1K Amplifier $41.00

TMC Mugs 

$8.50 + Postage

tmc_mug.jpg (216899 bytes)

There are really nice plain white coffee mugs sporting the old/original TMC logo.  Shipping weight is about 1.5#.


Single Sideband Handbook by Bill Henneberry (1963)

$28 Postpaid in US (outside US: email me!)


tmc_ssb_book.jpg (253153 bytes)

This is a brand new copy of this rare book, in its original packaging, along with a June 1992 "The TMC Communicator", the pamphlet "What Does TMC Do..?", an RF Antenna Products flyer, and a business reply postcard (who knows?  If you send it in, Neil de P might just answer!)


A First Primer Describing SSB by D.V. Carroll, TMC Canada

$15 Postpaid in US (outside US: email me!)

primer.jpg (1395143 bytes) This nice 32-page pamphlet was based on notes for a lecture at the Quebec Section of the IEEE describing the advantages of SSB over conventional modulation techniques.  It was published in 1960 and revised several times.  This is the 1965 version.

TMC T-Shirt

$12 + postage (email me!)

wm-front.jpg (17234 bytes) These T's were printed at CustomInk and came out really well.  They're Hanes "Beefy-T" shirts, printed on the front with the old/original logo and on the back with the 1950's "Dream Shack" from TMC.  I plenty of  "L" and "XL" sizes in stock!
wm-back.jpg (16699 bytes)


TMC Polo Shirt

$21 + postage (email me!)

tmc_polo.jpg (336304 bytes) This is a very nice Outer Banks polo shirt in the appropriate medium gray sporting the old/original TMC logo.  The logo was embroidered onto the shirt by a family friend who does this for a living, and it came out very nicely indeed.  

I'm currently OUT of these shirts!

These were expensive shirts, and the embroidery wasn't cheap either, but... again, if there's interest, I could easily do another run and perhaps get the price down a bit.  Send me mail if you'd like one!


Screen Resistor Kits for the PAL-350/500

This is a replacement for the 80K 50-watt screen dropping resistor on these amplifiers.  At 50W it's undersized, since it dissipates more like 75W when the amplifier is idle.  The replacements are newly manufactured Ohmite 100W units, with a kit of mechanical parts that allows them to be retrofitted quite neatly. 

Please let me know if you're interested in these, and I'll get cracking on making up the kits!  They'll likely be about $30 or so..


TMC Blowers, Fans, and Speakers

Couple/three years ago, Neil de Pasquale sent TMC's remaining stocks of spare parts away with me.  Much of this stuff sold, but there are still a pile of blowers and fans at my house!  I also have a couple of LS-100 speakers left.  

Prices reduced..  In fact, if you want to come to my house, you can have the whole lot of fans for free!!

Photo  Manufacturer/Type Number on hand Description Price Shipping Weight
imc_bc2210b.JPG (309321 bytes) IMC BC2210B blower 1 115VAC 1Ph 50/60Hz 1uF @ 200VAC capacitor $10 10#
imc_bt3830b-16-2.JPG (246400 bytes) IMC BT 3830B-16-2 Blower 3 208/440VAC 3Ph, 60Hz, 3350 RPM, 2.0/1.0A, continuous duty $10 20#
bl-129.JPG (294407 bytes) TMC BL-129

IMC BC3810V-0-2

17 207/253VAC, 47-63Hz, 1Ph, 0.85/0.60A, capacitor: 4uF@236VAC


$5 15#
ls_100_front.JPG (265797 bytes) TMC LS-100 4 Not sure what these speakers were used in.  They appear to be new/unused.  One of the speakers has a ripped cone $10

(you can have the speaker with broken cone for shipping)

ls_100_rear.JPG (294536 bytes)
bl-116.JPG (321221 bytes) TMC BL-116

IMC BC3810V-1

10 115V 50/60Hz, 2800/3300 RPM, 1.7/1.2A, capacitor 4uF @ 220VAC.  New/Unused, some have cracked flanges but can still be mounted. $10 (good)

$5 (with cracked flange)

bl-117.JPG (326577 bytes) TMC BL-117

IMC BC3810V-0-1

2 207-235VAC, 48-63Hz, 1Ph, 2600/3300 RPM, 0.85/0.6A, capacitor: 4uF @ 236VAC


$5 15#