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This page lists a bunch of TMC original manuals that are for sale.  These manuals are "extras" that are left over from organizing the manuals stash put in my care by Neil de Pasquale. Prices are typically a few bucks.. the idea is to get these into the hands of people who need them and to subsidize the considerable expense of the continuing effort to organize the TMC literature and documents.

Here's how it to order: 

1. Send me mail at , with what you want, how many, and your mailing address. 

2. I'll figure postage, send you the total..  If you order more than $40 worth of manuals, you get a 20% discount off the total!

3. You can send payment by personal check or PAYPAL (at the same email address shown in red above), and

4. I'll mail your item to you.

Photo Type Description Copies Condition Price
appnote1.jpg (230749 bytes) App Note Application Note for Analysis of AM,SSB, and AME Modes of Operation of Radio Equipment.  Pub 130210, 11/1993.  I believe this is a compilation of notes from Bill Henneberry's class on this subject--lots of interesting info comparing the effectiveness of various modulation schemes. 12 VG $1
cmra4.jpg (1193241 bytes) CMRA-4 TM for Sideband Exciter  IN-2012G, 10/69 2 VG $1
field_change_frt-39.jpg (597220 bytes) Field Change FRT-39, 40, 62A This document describes a field change to TMC's high-power transmitters to allow remote on/off control of the transmitter's carrier 3 VG $1
gpt10k_frt52.jpg (784657 bytes) GPT-10K


Military manual for the original manually tuned GPT-10K (AN/FRT-52), TM 11-5820-475-12.  Jan 16, 1962 1 G $10
gpt40ksynth.jpg (1093806 bytes) GPT-40K


Operator's manuual for GPT-40K Synthesized transmitter.  This is the version of the '40K with the SBG exciter 1 VG $2
hftm-1kj2_1.jpg (435273 bytes) HFTM-1KJ2


TM for HFTM-1KJ2 1Kw HF transmitter.    Manual is a xerox copy with no cover.  The 'J2 must have been a 'special'.. manual looks a bit preliminary. 1 F $1
hss7.jpg (919699 bytes) HSS-7 TM for Loudspeaker Panel HSS-7 IN-9801, 8/15/66 1 VG $2
lfpa.jpg (892967 bytes) LFPA TM for Low Pass Filter LFPA-1K, -10K, -40K.  IN-8017A, 5/10/67 1 G $2
lmc8.jpg (417104 bytes) LMC-8 Loose-leaf manual for the LMC-8 LF/MF Rx Antenna Coupler.  This is a very late publication, dated 12/95, pub 210309-8 2 VG $2
mmx3.jpg (1662920 bytes) MMX-3 Complete manual for the MMX-3 exciter, IN-2119, dated July 1974.   Approx 3/4" thick G-VG 1 $10
pal500.jpg (518366 bytes) PAL-500 This is the complete TM for the PAL-500 linear amplifier.  I have many copies, most nicer than the scan to the left.  Document is about 1/4" thick. G-VG 12 $6
pal1kb1.jpg (878462 bytes) PAL-1K(B)


Manual for the 'B variant of the PAL-1K, IN-523B, 11/10/65.  This skinny document only describes the differences between the 'B version and the PAL-1KA. 12 VG $1
pal1kb_1.jpg (774265 bytes) PAL-1K(B)


Unlike the above, this is the full TM for the PAL-1K(B), and includes the complete service, operation, schematics and parts list.  Safe IN and date. 1 G $10
pal1kb1.jpg (878462 bytes) PAL-1K(B1) Manual for the 'B1 variant of the PAL-1K, IN-523C, June 1, 1967.  This manual is a supplement, not a complete PAL-1K manual, and it describes the changes to schematics and parts list for the -1K(B1) 4 VG $2
rto1a.jpg (891624 bytes) RTO-1A TM for Receiver Test Oscillator  IN-9902, 12/6/66 1 VG $2
sbt350.jpg (968625 bytes) SBT-350M TM for General Purpose Radio Transmitter SBT-350M.  These documents are severely water damaged, but fully legible.  Transmitter consists of a TIS-3 and a PAL-350.  1 P $1
sfp2.jpg (805619 bytes) SFP-2 TM for Filter Panel SFP-2.  IN-4008B, 1/1/63.  One copy is nice, the others are water damaged but completely legible.  First come, first serve for the good copy! 4 G-F $1
sme1.jpg (972995 bytes) SME-1 TM for Solid State Exciter SME-1.  IN-2030  3/1/66.  Both document are loose-leaf, and one is missing its cover sheet.  First come, first serve 1 F $6
ter1800.JPG (189770 bytes) TER-1.8K TM for Transmitting Antenna Disspator and Dummy Load TER-1800-300U 1971 in TMC blue covers 1 VG $1
ter3500.jpg (841053 bytes) TER-3.5K TM for Transmitting Antenna Disspator and Dummy Load TER-3500-600B (DA-200/U) and 70U (600 ohm and 70 ohm versions) IN-8009D, 2/1/66 8 VG $1
ter5k.jpg (858641 bytes) TER-5K TM for Transmitting Antenna Disspator and Dummy Load TER-5000-600B (600-ohm version) DA-201/U  IN-8009B, Sept 15, 1963 11 VG $1
tis3_lp.jpg (481326 bytes) TIS-3

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for Tone Intelligence Unit TIS-3.  Revised 4/66, this appears to be the training material for learning to operate and service the TIS-3. 2 VG $2
tma350.jpg (739833 bytes) TMA-350 Operator's Manual for Linear Power Amplifier  OM-1059, 3/73 1 VG $1
ttrrd.jpg (391802 bytes) TTRR-()D TM for TTRR-( )D Receiver Converter.  I have a bunch of these, with the note "Do Not Use, Revised as per EMN 21950 5/27/82.  These are IN-3010D, 4/1/68. 4 G-VG $2
ttrre.jpg (425792 bytes) TTRR-()E TM for Receiver Converter TTRR-()E used in the TTR transceiver and STR strip receivers.  IN-3010E  3/1/69 1 VG $2
ttrte.jpg (480501 bytes) TTRT-()E TM for Transmitter Converter TTRT-()E used in the TTR transciever and STE strip exciters.  IN2030C 3/12/69 2 VG $2
vlra1.jpg (888477 bytes) VLRA-1 TM for LF/MF Communications Receiver  IN-3008A, 10/15/65 1 VG $5