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This page contains links to searchable lists of TMC drawings.  These lists were obtained the hard way:  by typing in the data from some of the drawings notebooks into spreadsheets, then building links to scanned drawings by hand.  A slow process; this page has been under construction since the mid-2000's and is essentially done now!

A-100 - A-1570 Assembly Drawings numbered 100-1570
A-1571 - A-2404 Assembly Drawings numbered 1571-2404
A-2405 - A-3269 Assembly Drawings numbered 2405-3269
A-3270 - A-4521 Assembly Drawings numbered 3270-4521
A-4522 - A-5906 Assembly Drawings numbered 4522-5906
A-8000-up Assembly Drawings that appear to be specials for Project Jenny (Blue Eagle radio/TV aircraft)
A (TMC Canada) Assembly Drawings from TMC Canada
AA Antenna Drawings
AB Antenna Base Drawings
AC Coil Assemblies
AD Air Filter Drawings
AES Some miscellaneous TMC Canada Drawings
AF Filter Drawings
AJ Connector Drawings
AK Keyer  Drawings
AM Capacitor Assembly Drawings
AO Oscillator Assemblies
AP Power Equipment Panel Assemblies
AR Relay Assemblies
AS Switch Assemblies
AT Antenna Tuner Drawings
AW Whip Antenna Drawings
AX Miscellaneous Parts & Assemblies
AZ Amplifiers, all Types
B Miscellaneous Drawings for SFO-2
BA Batteries, all Types
BB Bearings, all Types
BF Fan Blades
BG Bags
BJP Bridging Jack Panels
BL Blowers (Purchased) Impellers
BMA Assemblies
BP Boxes
BS Solder, all Types
BX Boxes, Metal
BXW Boxes, Wooden
BZ Buzzers
C Cable Assembly Guide (TMC Canada Only)
CA Cables
CAB Cabinets
CB Capacitors, Variable
CC Capacitors, Fixed Ceramic
CD Lacing Cord
CE Capacitors, Electrolytic
CF Coil Forms
CH Charts
CI Cores, Laminated or Powdered
CJ Chains
CK Schematics
CL Coil Drawings
CM Capacitors, Fixed, Mica
CN Capacitors, Fixed, Paper
CO Capacitors, Fixed, Air
CP Capacitors, Fixed, Paper, Metal Cases
CR Crystal Units
CS Castings (and, oddly, Capacitor, Fixed, Solid Electrolyte, Tantalum)
CT Capacitors, Variable Air Trimmers
CU Clamps
CV Capacitors, Dielectric Variable
CW Cases, Transit and Operating
CX Capacitors, Special
CY Counters (also Mil Std capacitors)
CZ Clutches
DA Dummy Antennas (Canada)
DC Directional Couplers
DD Diodes, Semiconductor
DE Punches and Dies
DI Dial Drives
DJ Drill Templates
DL Delay Lines
DP Dial Pointers
DR Doors
DS Set of drawings for a TMC Canada product for Edmonton Police
DT Switch Detents
EQ Equalizing Filters
ES End Seals (US); Chassis Components (Canada)
EY Eyelets and Grommets
FA Fabric (US); Final Assembly (Canada)
FB Insulation (Canada Only)
FC Clips
FD Filter, Discriminator
FH Fuse Holders
FI Filters (Electrical) -- Canada Only
FP Fabricated Parts
FS Fasteners
FSC Fiberboard Sheet (Canada Only)
FU Fuses
FW Washers, Flat
FX Filters (High-, Low-, and Band-pass)
GA Gaskets
GL Glue and Cement
GN Generator (Canada Only)
GP Graphs
GR Gears
GS Glass Parts
HA Handles
HB Caps, Covers
HC Crystal Holder (Canada Only)
HD Heat Sinks
HI Hinges
HO Hoods
HP Headphones
HQ Headbands (Canada Only)
HR Headphone Cushions (Canada Only)
HS Headsets (all types)
IC Indicators, Digital Display
ID  Installation Drawings
IM  Insulators
IN Instruction Drawings
IX Drawings Indexes
JB Junction Boxes
JG Jigs, All Types
JJ Connectors
JPP Jack Panels
KIT TMC Modification and Upgrade Kits
KY Keys, Electrical and Mechanical
LA Labels
LD 100-1024 Lettering Detail, Stamping, Stenciling, and Engraving
LD 1025-2040 Lettering Detail, Stamping, Stenciling, and Engraving
LD 2041-up Lettering Detail, Stamping, Stenciling, and Engraving
LD (Canada) Lettering Detail, Stamping, Stenciling, and Engraving (TMC Canada)
LI Lens, Indicator
LK Locks, Latches, Catches
LO Locks (TMC Canada ONLY)
LP Loose Items
LS Loudspeakers
LU Lubricants, Oils, Greases
LW Lock Washers
MC Mechanical Couplings
MK Microphones
ML Material Lists (TMC Canada ONLY)
MM Meter Movements and Mechanisms
MO Motors
MP Molded Parts
MR Meters and Meter Scales
MS 100-1991 Metal Stampings
MS 1992-3558 Metal Stampings
MS 3559-5003 Metal Stampings
MS 5004-7302 Metal Stampings
MS 8000-up Metal Stampings for Project Jenny
MS (Canada) Metal Stampings (TMC Canada)
MX Clamp, Armor
NF Networks, Frequency
NP Nameplates
NS Insulators, Ceramic, Military Standard
NT Nuts, All Types
NW Networks
OC Oven, Crystal
PA Panel Assemblies
PC Printed Circuit Boards
PF Pipe Fittings
PJ Plugs, Telephone
PL Plugs, All Types
PM Machined Parts 
PN Pins
PO Miscellaneous Purchased Parts
PP Plates and Panels (TMC Canada ONLY)
PR Paper, All Types
PX Phenolic, Sheets or Formed
QDP Quick Disconnect Panels
RA Resistors, Adjustable, Wire Wound (Low Operating Temp)
RB Resistors, Fixed, Precision
RBT Receiver Broadband Transformer
RC Resistor, Fixed Composition
RE Resistor, Fixed Wire-Wound (Power Type, Chassis Mount)
RG Cables, Coaxial, Twin, RF, also Waveguides
RI Rivets, All Types
RK Rack, for 19" Mounting
RL Relays, All Types
RN Resistor
RO Rotors
RP Resistors, Variable, Wire-Wound, Power Type
RR Resistors, Special
RS Resistors, Fixed Power
RV Resistors, Variable, Composition
RW Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound, Power Type
RX Rectifiers
RY Rubber
S This link takes you to the S Drawings page produced by TMC/USA and TMC/Canada.  S Drawings are actually "Specifications" that describe all sorts of things, such as TMC's methods for making paint and finishes, standards for TMC processes, but most importantly, specifications for products, and specs for testing products.  These latter are of particular interest to collectors!  S-doc's starting at S-10001 were written by TMC Canada.  If you're looking for info on TMC "portable" and low-power equipment (PAL-500, STR, STE, the AMC family and so forth), look for numbers in this range.
SA Adapters, Between Series
SC Screw, Machine
SF Screw, Thread Cutting
SH Mounts, Shock & Vibration
SK Sketches, TMC Canada Only
SL Set Screws
SM Set Machine Parts -- Rod Threaded Standard
SN Screen
SO Receptacles (TMC Canada ONLY)
SP Springs
SPP Switching Patch Panels
SS Switches, Sensitive, Micro
ST Switches, Toggle (Except AN)
SW Switches, Other than Toggle or Sensitive
SX Stators
SY Systems Drawings
SZ Solenoids
TA Tape, All Types
TCA Connector Adapters
TD Tape Readers, All Types
TE Terminals, All Types
Test Laboratory Test Instruments
TF Transformers
TG Tags
TH Thermocouples
TI Timers
TK Track, Slide
TM Terminal Strips, All Types
TP Tools, All Types
TR Antenna Coupling Transformers (Special)
TS Sockets and Shields
TT Transformers, RF, Tuned
TU Tubing, Metallic
TV Tube, Vacuum
TX Transistors, All Types
TZ Transformers, RF
UG RF Connectors & Receptacles
VA Valves, All Types
VR Voltage Regulators
WA Washers, Special, Other than flat, lock, or AN
WD Wood
WH Wheels, Casters, Etc.
WI Wire, Except RF and AN
WL Wire, Bare
WR Wrenches
WS Wafers, Switch
Misc Drawings that don't fit in the other catagories!