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This page attempts to track what I've changed within the TMC repository:


New gallery for Navy Brass Visit day.  Added many new photographs to various photo galleries.  Added the beginnings of a virtual tour of 700 Fenimore.  Added a bunch of new rig pix.  Added gallery for Project Henry and a few new Puzzlers.


Added new manuals for AVA-2, BSP-( ), and SY-1034.  Added a photo gallery for the MP-1 (Morse Package).


Many, many new pages for drawings, and scans of "A"-sized drawings C through I.  Also scanned in some new (to me) manuals, included RCR, SBE-2, GPR-92A and -92B schematics (thanks to Bob K4ATP!).


Added a large new gallery covering the NY State Office of Civil Defense (now State Emergency Management Office) communications network.  Added a gallery covering Western Electric Project 660--emergency communications on the Greenland ice cap.  New manuals:  GPR-92A, AMC-8, LMC-8, AVA.  New Service Bulletins.  New page for shipboard systems. New page for Massachusetts Office of Ci


Added photo galleries for Project Dog (TSC-24), Project Baker, WWV, and a few others.  Replaced the old Catalog/Price list page with a new one.  Added a direct link to the Photo Gallery from the front page.


Updated the PAL-500 restoration notes with considerable new information.


Added an extensive gallery of photos of the DDR-5 family of receivers, with tables outlining the many configurations.


Added many photo galleries, including TMC People, Plants & Facilities, more Project Jenny photos.


Added many, many photos of TMC equipment, and put links and thumbnails to many of them on the comprehensive list of TMC equipment.  Also added many items to this list, including all of the "S" entires, which were strangely missing in the original source.  Have also started building photo galleries under "TMC History" of various things, including Project Jenny, the flying broadcast center.


Added Tony Faiola's tuning charts for the SBE--these tell you where to set your VFO (e.g. VOX or PMO) to achieve the desired operating frequency.


Added a bunch of TMC company history info including scans of all (but one) of the company's annual reports (1959-1994), and scans of several books and pamphlets the company published.  Also began adding searchable lists of the drawings, beginning with the S-drawings (Specifications) and links to the first 100 of these.  Also delete the pointer to my old TMC manuals page--links were broken anyway, and all of the manuals have been scanned and added to the "real" manual page.


    Added a bunch of SSB's, rescanned a few manual pages, added a TMC-> Mil table to complement the previous MIL->TMC table, and added a bunch of new entries to both from FEB 4B.


    Added Jay Spivak's writeup on restoring the Master Oscillator in the GPT-750 and Russ Miller's notes on restoring an XFK.