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This table was compiled starting with the chart posted some time ago on the TMC Collector's website, a scan of a TMC document dated 1966.  It's been augmented by information I've gleaned from the stash of manuals elsewhere on this site, particulary from Field Engineering Bulletin 4B (thanks to Tony Faiola), and from TMC master equipment list.

MIL Nomenclature Mil Description TMC Model No. TMC Description
AM-1703/URT-17 Amplifier-Oscillator RTF-1 Amplifier-Oscillator
AM-2103/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency RFB-1 Linear Amplifer P/O GPT-10K
AM-2103A/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency RFC-1 Linear Power Amplifier
AM-2103B/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency RFC-1A Linear Power Amplifier
AM-2271/URT-17A Amplifier-Oscillator RTF-2 Amplifier-Oscillator
AM-2454/URT Amplifier, Control RTC Remote Control Amplifier
AM-2505/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency CHG-1 Frequency Amplifier
AM-2505A/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency CHG-2 Frequency Amplifier
AM-2505C/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency CHG-2B Frequency Amplifier
AM-2785/URA-36 Amplifier, Radio Frequency RFD-1 RF Amplifier
AM-2785A/URA-36 Amplifier, Radio Frequency RFD-1A RF Amplifier
AM-2867/GRT-9 Amplifier, Radio Frequency PAL-350 Linear Power Amplifier
AM-4270/URA-41A   LRA-4  
AM-3222/URA-41 Amplifier, Radio Frequency LFA-2 Low Frequency Amplifer
AM-3295/FRR-60(V) Amplifier, Intermediate Frequency HFI-1 IF Amplifier and Mixer
AM-3296/FRR-60(V) Amplifier, Audio Frequency HFA-1 AF Amplifier
AM-3095/URT   SPU-2  
AM-4272/FRR-72   HFAR  
AM-4273/FRR-72   HFIR-1 Amplifier, Intermediate Frequency
AM-4545/FRT-62   PAL-200K  
AM-5027/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio Frequency RSM-2 Remote System Mixer
AM-5027A/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio Frequency RSM-3 Remote System Mixer
AM-5028/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio  RSA-2 Audio Frequency Amplifier
AN/FGC-60(V)   TTS (variations) Tone Telegraph Systems
AN/FRA-19(V) Receiver Control Group RCR (variations) Remote Control System
AN/FRA-501 Receiver Control Group RCR-5 Remote Control System
AN/FRA-501A Receiver Control Group RCR-5(A) Remote Control System
AN/FRR-49(V) Receiver Control Group FFR (variations) Receiver Control Group
AN/FRR-60(V) Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5 (variations) Diversity Receiver
AN/FRR-60(V)2 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5A Diversity Receiver
AN/FRR-60(V)3 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5B Diversity Receiver
AN/FRR-60(V)4 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5B3 Diversity Receiver
AN/FRR-72 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5C/MSGA-1/ARCA-1 Diversity Radio Receiver
AN/FRR-73 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5A/MSGA-1 Diversity Radio Receiver
AN/FRR-74 Receiving Set, Radio DDR-5K Diversity Radio Receiver
AN/FRR-502 Receiver Control Group FRR (Basic) Fixed Frequency Receiver
AN/FRT-39 Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-39A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-A2 Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-39B Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-R Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-39C Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-AC-7 Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-39D Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-R Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-39F Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-AC-7 Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-40 Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-40A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K-E Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-40B Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K-E3 Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-40C Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K-R Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-52 Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-T Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-52A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-10K-T Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-53 Transmitting Set, Radio SBT-1K-J Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-53A Transmitting Set, Radio SBT-1K(J) General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-54A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K-F Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-54A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-40K-F2 Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-55 Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-750-(E)-2 General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-56 Transmitting Set, Radio SBT-1K-Q General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-57 Transmitting Set, Radio SBT-1K-L General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-62   GPT-200K  
AN/FRT-62B   GPT-200KB  
AN/FRT-62C   GPT-200KC  
AN/FRT-62D   GPT-200KD  
AN/FRT-68   GPT-1KAQ  
AN/FRT-74(V)-1   GPT-10KLFA  
AN/GRM-33 Test Set, Radio TPE-1 Single Sideband Analzer
AN/GRM-33A Test Set, Radio PTE-3 Single Sideband Analyzer
AN/GRM-33B   PTE-3A RF Spectrum Analyzer
AN/GRM-33C   PTE-4 RF Spectrum Analyzer
AN/MCG-21 Teletypewriter Central SYM-2002/1 Teletypewriter Central
AN/MRR-9 Receivng Set, Radio SYM-2002/2 Radio Receiver
AN/MRT-10 Transmitting Set, Radio SYM-2002/5 Radio Transmitter
AN/MRT-11 Transmitting Set, Radio SYM-2002/6 Radio Transmitter
AN/MRT-12 Transmitting Set, Radio SYM-2002/7 Radio Transmitter
AN/MRT-13 Communications Central SYM-2002/T Communications Central
AN/MSC-39 Communications Central SYM-2002/TR Communications Central
AN/MSC-40 Communications Central SYM-2002/R Communications Central
AN/MSC-41 Communications Central SYN-2002/3 Communications Central
AN/MSC-42 Communications Central SYM-2002/9/10/11 Communications Central
AN/TGC-16   SYM-2005-RB1  
AN/TGC-17   SYM-2005-RE1  
AN/TGC-18   SYM-2005-RJ1  
AN/TGC-19   SYM-2005-RJ2  
AN/TRR-16(V) Control, Receiving Set, Radio SYM-2003/2  
AN/TRT-12(V) Transmitting Set, Radio SYM-2003/1  
AN/TRT-13 Transmitting Set, Radio SYM-2003/4  
AN/TRT-17   SYM-2005-TA1  
AN/TRT-18   SYM-2005-TB1  
AN/TRT-19   SYM-2003-TE1  
AN/TRT-20   SYM-2005-TH2  
AN/TRT-23   SYM-2005-TA3  
AN/TSC-24(V) Communications Central SYM-2003  
AN/TSC-35   SYM-2005-TR  
AN/TSQ-55   SYM-2005-GT  
AN/TSQ-56   SYM-2005-GR  
AN/TSR-1   SYM-2005-R  
AN/TSR-2   SYM-2005-RE4  
AN/URA-23 Modulator Power Supply Group SBE-1 Transmitting Mode Selector
AN/URA-23A Modulator Power Supply Group SBE-2 Transmitting Mode Selector
AN/URA-24 Antenna Coupler Group ATS-50 Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-25 Antenna Coupler Group ATS-70 Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-27 Antenna Coupler Group ATS-50-2 Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-27A Antenna Coupler Group ATS-2A Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-28 Modulator-Oscillator Group SBE-3 Sideband Generator
AN/URA-28A Modulator-Oscillator Group SBE-3 Sideband Generator
AN/URA-30 Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1 Sideband Generator
AN/URA-30A Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1A Sideband Generator
AN/URA-30B Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1B/-2B Sideband Generator
AN/URA-31 Oscillator-Power Supply Group CPO-1 Controlled Precision Oscillator
AN/URA-31A Oscillator-Power Supply Group CPO-1A Controlled Precision Oscillator
AN/URA-31C Oscillator-Power Supply Group CPO-1C Controlled Precision Oscillator
AN/URA-33 Keyer Group FXS-1 Frequency Shift Keyer
AN/URA-34 Antenna Coupler Group ATS-70-2 Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-34A Antenna Coupler Group ATS-2A Antenna Tuning System
AN/URA-36 Amplifier-Power Supply Group PAL-1K Linear Power Amplifier
AN/URA-36A Amplifier-Power Supply Group PAL-1KA Linear Power Amplifier
AN/URA-36B Amplifier-Power Supply Group PAL-1KB Linear Power Amplifier
AN/URA-41 Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1L Low Frequency Sideband Generator
AN/URA-41A Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1LA Low Frequency Sideband Generator
AN/URA-41B Modulator-Oscillator Group SBG-1LB Low Frequency Sideband Generator
AN/URA-42A Single Sideband Converter Group SBC-1 Sideband Converter
AN/URA-42A Single Sideband Converter Group SBC-1A Sideband Converter
AN/URA-54   RASA  
AN/URA-55   RARA  
AN/URM-116 Spectrum Analyser Group FSA Frequency Shift Analyser
AN/URM-116A Spectrum Analyser Group FSA-2 Frequency Shift Analyser
AN/URM-116B Spectrum Analyser Group FSA-3 Frequency Shift Analyser
AN/URT-17 Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-750(D)-1 Radio Transmitter
AN/URT-17A Transmitting Set, Radio GPT-750(D)-2 Radio Transmitter
AN/URT-19(V) Transmitting Set, Radio SBT-1K-(variations) General Purpose Transmitter
AS-1793/URR   LFRA  
AT-730/GR Antenna, Receiving VRA-1 Vertical Receiving Antenna
AX-236/FRT-39/40   PA Power Amplifier
C-2413/URA Control-Indicator ATS-MCU Monitor Control Unit
C-2749/URT Control, Electrical, Frequency XFK Frequency Shift Converter
C-2749A/URT Control, Electrical, Frequency XFK-2 Frequency Shift Converter
C-2413/URA Control-Indicator ATS-MCU-70 Monitor Control Unit
C-2995/URA-27 Control-Indicator ATS-MCU-2-50/U Monitor Control Unit
C-4071/UR Control Receiver AFC-2 Automatic Frequency Control
C-4071A/UR Control Receiver AFC-2A Automatic Frequency Control
C-4099/FRR-60(V) Control Receiver AFC-3 Automatic Frequency Control
C-5027/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-2(A) Remote System Control Unit
C-5027A/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-3(A) Remote System Control Unit
C-5028/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-2(B) Remote System Control Unit
C-5028A/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-3(B) Remote System Control Unit
C-5029/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-2(C) Remote System Control Unit
C-5029A/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-3(C) Remote System Control Unit
C-5030/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-2(D) Remote System Control Unit
C-5030A/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-3(D) Remote System Control Unit
C-5031/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-2(E) Remote System Control Unit
C-5031A/FRA-501 Control, Remote RSC-3(E) Remote System Control Unit
C-6465/FRT   SWCU-1  
C-6652/URT   KMCU-1  
C-7006/URR   RRCA-1  
C-7007/URR   RGCA-1  
CH-558/URA   AX-583  
CU-650/UR Coupler, Antenna ATS-50TU Antenna Tuner Unit
CU-651/UR Coupler, Antenna ATS-70TU Antenna Tuner Unit
CU-652/UR Coupler, Directional ATS-50CU Directional Coupler Unit
CCU-653/UR Coupler, Directional ATS-70CU Directional Coupler Unit
CU-658/UR Coupler, Antenna TAC-1 Antenna Tuning Unit
CU-722/URA-27   ATS-50TU-2  
CU-729/URT Coupler, Antenna TRC-3500-70/600B Transmitting Antenna Coupler
CU-772/URA-27 Coupler, Antenna ATS-50TU-2 Antenna Tuner Unit
CU-773/URA-27 Coupler, Directional ATS-50CU-2 Directional Coupler Unit
CU-820/URA-34 Coupler, Directional ATS-70CU-2 Directional Coupler Unit
CU-836/U Coupler, Antenna RAC-32 (RAC-30 w/ Es. St. 787) Antenna Coupler
CU-992( )/FRR Antenna Multicoupler AMC-6-3-70U Antenna Multicoupler
CU-992/URR Antenna Multicoupler AMC-6-3-70U Antenna Multicoupler
CU-1076/URT   TRC-3500 w ESW 787  
CU-1450/G   TRC-500-50U/600B/AX-287
CU-1638/GR Coupler, Antenna AMC-101 Antenna Coupler
CU-5013/SRR Antenna Multicoupler AMC-6 Antenna Multicoupler
CU-5032/SRR Antenna Multicoupler AMC-6-5/70U Antenna Multicoupler
CV-591/URR Single Sideband Converter MSR-1 Single Sideband Converter
CV-591A/URR Single Sideband Converter MSR-4 Mode Selector, Receiving
CV-657/URR Single Sideband Converter MSR-3 Mode Selector, Receiving
CV-657A/URR Single Sideband Converter MSR-3A Mode Selector, Receiving
CV-763/URR Converter, Frequency Shift CFA-1 Frequency Shift Converter
CV-928/URA-31 Frequency Divider CHL-1 Divider Chain
CV-1288/UR Converter, Single Sideband SBS-1 Sideband Selector
CV-1293/FRR-60(V) Converter, Single Sideband SBS-2 Sideband Selector
CV-1722/URR   MSR-5  
CV-1758/URR   MSR-9  
CV-1865/FRR Converter, Single Sideband MSA-1 Multiple Sideband Adapter
CV-2098/URA-54   AX-585  
CV-2099/URA-55   AX-584  
CV-5013/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-2(A) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5013A/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-3(A) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5014/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-2(B) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5014A/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-3(B) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5015/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-2(C) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5015A/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-3(C) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5016/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-2(D) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5016A/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-3(D) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5017/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-2(E) Remote System Discriminator
CV-5017A/FRA-501 Detector, AF RSD-3(E) Remote System Discriminator
CY-1876/FRR-72   RTMU-1 Coverter-Storer, Signal Data
CY-2190/URT-17 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment A-958 Cabinet, Radio Transmitter (CAB-7) for GPT-750-1
CY-2416/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment A-1524 (RAK-4) Cabinet, Electrical Equip. MSR & GPR
CY-2435/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment A-1555 Cabinet, Electrical Equip, MSR
CY-2530/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-1 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-2660/URT-17A Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CAB-7 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-2805/GRM-33 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-7 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-2805A/GRM-33 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-7B Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-2823/URA-30 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-11 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-2844/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CAB-1 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3004/URT-19(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-9 & RAK-9B Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3442/URA-41 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-20 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3443/URA-41 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-20 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3566/FRR-60(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-21 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3567/FRR-60(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-22 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CY-3577/FRT-52A   AX-262  
CY-3578/FRT-54A   AX-263  
CY-3579/FRT-53A   RAK-10  
CY-3703/FRT-56   RAK-9Q  
CY-3712/FRT-39D   AX-357  
CY-3713/FRT-40B   AX-358  
CY-4463/URR-50(V)   RAK-43  
CY-4594/UR   RAK-17  
CY-4596/FRR-72   COPA-2  
CY-4597/FRR-72   RAK-102  
CY-4598/FRR-72   RAK-104  
CY-4700/G   PPTA-1  
CY-485/FRR-74   RAK-96-2  
CY-5045/FRR-502 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment FFRD-P Storage Panel Assembly
CY-5045A/FRR-502 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment FFRD-PH Storage Panel Assembly
CY-7000/FRR-60(V)   RAK-21B  
DA-199/U Dummy Load, Electrical TER-500-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load
DA-200/U Dummy Load, Electrical TER-3500-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load
DA-201/U Dummy Load, Electrical TER-5000-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load
DA-209/U Dummy Load, Electrical TER-5000-50U Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load
DA-210/U Dummy Load, Electrical TER-5000-70U Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load
DA-395/U   TER-100K/50U  
DA-411/U   TER-5000-50U/AX-287  
DA-413/U   TER-25KC-50U/AX-278-1  
F-425/UGT Filter, Band Pass RSF-2(A) Remote System Filter
F-711/FRR-60(V) Filter, Pass-Band Suppression HNF-1 Variable Notch Filter
F-712/FRR-60(V) Filter, Pass-Band Suppression HAF-1 Audio Filter
F-949/FRR Filter, Band Pass-Band Suppression MNF-1 Multiple Notch Filter
F-950/FRR Filter, Band Pass-Band Suppression MAF-1 Multiple Audio Filter
F-5006/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly RSF-2(A) Remote System Filter
F-5007/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly RSF-2(B) Remote System Filter
F-5008/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly RSF-2(C) Remote System Filter
F-5009/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly RSF-2(D) Remote System Filter
F-5010/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly RSF-2(E) Remote System Filter
ID-1277/FRR-72 Channel Frequency Indicator RTIA-1 Channel Frequency Indicator
ID-1367/URR   RTID-1 Channel Frequency Indicator
IM-166/URT Indicator, Standing Wave SWR-1K Standing Wave Ratio Indicator
IP-641/URR Mointor, Radio Frequency DVM-4 Diversity Visual Monitor
KY-333/URA Keyer ISK-1 Isolation Keyer
KY-429/FRT   AK-100  
KY-546/FRR-72   RTTD-1 Decoder, Receiver
LS-452/U Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet LSP-4 Loudspeaker Assy
LS-453/U Loudspeaker Assy LSP-6 Loudspeaker Assy
LS-491/FR   HSS-1  
LS-509A/G   BSP-2D  
LS-520/FRR-72 Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet HSS-3/LSP-4A Loudspeaker Panel
LS-521/FRR-72 Loudspeaker Assembly BSP-6 Bridging Speaker Panel
LS-533/U   HSS-8  
MD-304/URT-17 Modulator-Power Supply RTM-1 Modulator Deck
MT-1855/URT-17 Drawer Electrical Equipment A-1279 Adapter Drawer SBE
MT-2193/URT-17A Drawer Electrical Equipment RTS-2 Panel, Chassis Assy
MX-2379A/FR Terminal Unit, Antenna RTB-4 Rhombic Terminal Unit
MX-6758/FRR-72   RTPA-1 Electronic Programmer
MX-6759/FRR-72   RTRS-1  
O-330/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency VOX-2 Variable Frequency Oscillator
O-330A/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency VOX-3 Variable Frequency Oscillator
O-330B/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency VOX-5 Variable Frequency Oscillator
O-459/URT Oscillator, Radio Frequency PMO-2 Portable Master Oscillator
O-459A/URT Oscillator, Radio Frequency PMO-5 Portable Master Oscillator
O-503/URA-23 Oscillator, Radio Frequency A-1396 Exciter Unit, SBE-1
O-503A/URA-23 Oscillator, Radio Frequency A-1516 Exciter Unit, SBE-2
O-579/URT Generator, Signal TTG-1 Two Tone Generator
O-579A/URT Generator, Signal TTG-2 Two Tone Generator
O-672/URA-28 Oscillator, Radio Frequency AO-101 Exciter Unit, SBE-3
O-714/UR Oscillator, Radio Frequency CBE-1 Sideband Exciter
O-715/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency CSS-1 Frequency Standard
O-715A/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency CSS-1A Frequency Standard
O-715B/URA-31   CSS-1B Primary Standard
O-715C/URA-31   CSS-1C Primary Standard
O-716/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency CMO-1 Conrolled Master Oscillator
O-717/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency CLL-1 Controlled Oscillator
O-914/UR Generator, Reference Signal HFS-1 Frequency Synthesizer & Standard
O-1257/FRR Generator, Reference Signal MCG-1 Multiple Carrier Generator
O-1258/FRR-72   HFSR-1 Generator, Reference Signal
O-1275/UR   CSS-2 Frequency Standard
O-1276/UR   LFSA-1  
OA-3078/GRT-9 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment RAK-16 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
OA-3772/TSC-24(V) Communications Relay Group SYM-2003/3  
OA-3818/TSR-1   SYM-2005/RA1  
OA-4915/TST-2   SYM-2005-TC1  
OA-4916/TST-2   SYM-2005-TD1  
OA-4917/TST-2   SYM-2005-TF1  
OA-4918/TST-2   SYM-2005-TG1  
OA-7041/TSR-1   SYM-3005-RAS  
OA-4921/TSQ-55   SYM-2005-GT1  
OA-4922/TSQ-55   SYM-2005-GT2  
OA-4936/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RA2  
OA-4937/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RB2  
OA-4938/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RB3  
OA-4939/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RC1  
OA-4940/TST-2   SYM-2005-HELIX  
OA-4941/TSR-1   SYM-2005/RD1  
OA-4942/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RD2  
OA-4943/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RE2  
OA-4944/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RE3  
OA-4945/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RF1  
OA-4950/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RF2  
OA-4951/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RF3  
OA-4966/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RG1  
OA-4967/TSR-1   SYM-2005-RH1  
OA-4968/TSQ-56   SYM-2005-GR1  
OA-4969/TSQ-56   SYM-2005-GR2  
PP-550/TSC-24(V)   SYM-2003/5  
PP-552/M   SYM-2002/4  
PP-553/M   SYM-2002/8  
PP-554/M   SYM-2002/12/13/14  
PP-600/TSQ   SYM-2005-GR3  
PP-1768/URA-17 Power Supply RTP-1 Power Supply
PP-1769/URA-23 Power Supply A-1397 Power Supply, SBE-1,2,3
PP-2206/URM-116 Power Supply PS-2 Power Supply
PP-2232/U Power Supply PSP-1 Power Supply
PP-2396/URT-17A Power Supply RTP-2 Power Supply
PP-2561/URA-31 Power Supply CPP-1 Power Supply
PP-2561A/URA-31 Power Supply CPP-5 Power Supply
PP-2562/URA-31 Power Supply CPP-2 Power Supply
PP-2765/URA-36 Power Supply PS-4 Power Supply
PP-2765A/URA-36A Power Supply PS-4A Power Supply
PP-2766/URA-36 Power Supply PS-5 Power Supply
PP-2766/URA-36A Power Supply PS-5 Power Supply
PP-2839/GRT-9 Power Supply PSP-350 Power Supply
PP-3096/U Power Supply PSP-2 Power Supply
PP-3341/FRR-60(V) Power Supply HFP-1 Power Supply
PP-4261/FRR Power Supply MFP-1 Power Supply
PP-4262/FRR Power Supply MPS-1 Power Supply
PP-4323/UR   BP5X-1  
PP-5030/FRA-501 Power Supply RSP-2 Remote System Power Supply
PP-5030A/FRA-501 Power Supply RSP-3 Remote System Power Supply
PU-533/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted SYM-2002/8  
PU-550/TSC-24(V) Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted SYM-2003/5  
PU-552/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted SYM-2002/4 Diesel Generator
PU-554/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted SYM-2002/12/13/14 Diesel Generator
PU-600/TSQ-55   SYM-2005-GT3  
PU-612/TSQ   SYM-2005-GR4/GR5  
R-1333(P)/URR   VLRA  
R-1366/URR   VLRB  
R-5007/FRR-502 Receiver Subassy w/ Cable CA-103  
R-5007/FRA-502(M)   FRR-2  
R-5007A/FRR-502 Receiver Subassembly FRR-3 Communications Receiver
R-825/URR Receiver, Radio GPR-90R Communications Receiver
R-840/URR   GPR-90RX Communications Receiver
RL-213/U Puller, Tape CK-2 Takeup Reel
S-242/T Shelter, Electrical Equipment SYM-2003/6 (NCH-84RD)
S-243/TRT-13 Shelter, Electrical Equipment SYM-2003/7 (NCH-92RD)
S-253/TSC-24(V) Shelter, Electronic Shop Main. SYM-2003/8 (NCH-84RD)
SA-598/U Switch Box SW-195 Switch, RF
SB-931/U   QDP-7AIX11  
SB-932/U Panel, Signal Distribution, Radio SPP-3 Switching Patch Panel
SB-970/FRT-39 Panel, Blank Blank Panel  
SB-971/FRT-39 Panel, Monitor MCP-1 Control Panel
SB-971A/FRT-39 Panel, Monitor MCP-2 Control Panel
SB-1114/UR Panel, Power Distribution APP-2 Auxiliary Power Panel
SB-1225/UR Panel, Power Distribution APP-3 Auxiliary Power Panel
SB-1865/FR   HSP-2  
SB-1866/FR   HPP-1  
TD-410/UGC   RMX-1 Voice Frequency Multiplexer
TD-411/UGC   TMX-1 Voice Frequency Demultiplexer
TH-30A/UGT Terminal, Telegraph TIS-3 Tone Intelligence Unit
TH-39/UGT Terminal, Telegraph TST-2 Terminal, Telegraph
TH-39A/UGT Terminal, Telegraph TIS-3 Tone Intelligence Unit
TH-39B/UGT Terminal, Telegraph TIS-3A Tone Intelligence Unit
TN-274/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency FFRD-1 RF Tuner
TN-275/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency FFRD-2 RF Tuner
TN-276/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency FFRD-3 RF Tuner
TN-277/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency FFRD-3M RF Tuner
TN-367/UR Coupling Unit, Radio Frequency ACU-1 Antenna Coupler
TN-376/UR Tuner, Radio Frequency HFR-1 Continuous RF Tuner
TN-376A/UR   HFR-1A  
TN-426/FRR-72   HFRR-2 Tuner, Radio Frequency
TN-430/URR   VLRAD-3  
TN-431/URR   VLRAD-4  
TN-432/URR   VLRAD-5  
TN-440/UR   HFR-2B  
TN-5010/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 2-4 Mc FFRD-5 RF Tuner
TN-5011/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 4-8 Mc FFRD-6/-6A RF Tuner
TN-5012/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 8-16 Mc FFRD-7 RF Tuner
TN-5012A/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 8-16 Mc FFRD-7B RF Tuner
TN-5014/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 16-32 Mc FFRD-8A RF Tuner
TN-5014A/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 16-32 Mc FFRD-8B RF Tuner
TS-1236/URM-116 Analyzer, Spectrum SA-1 Spectrum Analyzer
TS-1236A/URM-116 Analyzer, Spectrum SA-2 Spectrum Analyzer
TS-1236B/URM-116   AX-503  
TS-2443/UR   RTDA-1  
TT-477/FRR-72   RTKY-1 Perforator-Reader
V-231/MSC-42 Trailer Van SYM-2002/12/13/14 (VB6-S1-20)
V-232/MTR-11 Trailer Van SYM-2002/6 (VB9-S2-40)
V-233/MRT Trailer Van SYM-2002/5/7 (VB9-S2-40)
V-234/MRR-9 Trailer Van SYM-2002/2 (VB9-S2-40)
V235/M Trailer Van SYM-2002/1/3 (VB9-S2-40)
V236/MRT-13 Trailer Van SYM-2002/8 (VB9-S2-40)
V237/MSC-42   SYM-2002/9/10/11  
V238/MSC-40 Trailer Van SYM-2002/4 (VB9-S1-25)