TMC Commercial to Military Designation Lookup Table

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This table was compiled starting with the Military to TMC-Commercial Table, rearranging, and sorting by TMC type.

TMC Model No. TMC Description MIL Nomenclature Mil Description
A-958 Cabinet Radio Transmitter (CAB-7) for GPT-750-1 CY-2190/URT-17 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
A-1279 Adapter Drawer SBE MT-1855/URT-17 Drawer Electrical Equipment
A-1396 Exciter Unit, SBE-1 O503/URA-23 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
A-1397 Power Supply, SBE-1,2,3 PP-1769/URA-23 Power Supply
A-1516 Exciter Unit, SBE-2 O-503A/URA-23 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
A-1524 (RAK-4) Cabinet, Electrical Equip. MSR & GPR CY-2416/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
A-1555 Cabinet, Electrical Equip, MSR CY-2435/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
ACU-1 Antenna Coupler TN-367/UR Coupling Unit, Radio Frequency
AFC-2 Automatic Frequency Control C-4071/UR Control Receiver
AFC-2A Automatic Frequency Control C-4071A/UR Control Receiver
AFC-3 Automatic Frequency Control C-4099/FRR-60(V) Control Receiver
AK-100   KY-429/FRT  
AMC-101 Antenna Coupler CU-1638/GR Coupler, Antenna
AMC-6 Antenna Multicoupler CU-5013/SRR Antenna Multicoupler
AMC-6-3-70U Antenna Multicoupler CU-992( )/FRR Antenna Multicoupler
AMC-6-3-70U Antenna Multicoupler CU-992/URR Antenna Multicoupler
AMC-6-5/70U Antenna Multicoupler CU-5032/SRR Antenna Multicoupler
AO-101 Exciter Unit, SBE-3 O-672/URA-28 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
APP-2 Auxiliary Power Panel SB-1114/UR Panel, Power Distribution
APP-3 Auxiliary Power Panel SB-1225/UR Panel, Power Distribution
ATS-1 Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-25 Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-2A Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-27A Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-2A Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-34A Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-50 Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-24 Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-50-2 Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-27 Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-50CU Directional Coupler Unit CU-652/UR Coupler, Directional
ATS-50CU-2 Directional Coupler Unit CU-773/URA-27 Coupler, Directional
ATS-50TU Antenna Tuning Unit CU-650/UR Coupler, Antenna
ATS-50TU-2 Antenna Tuning Unit CU-722/URA-27 Coupler, Antenna
ATS-50TU-2 Antenna Tuner Unit CU-772/URA-27 Coupler, Antenna
ATS-70 Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-25 Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-70-2 Antenna Tuning System AN/URA-34 Antenna Coupler Group
ATS-70CU Directional Coupler Unit CU-653/UR Coupler, Directional
ATS-70CU-2 Directional Coupler Unit CU-820/URA-34 Coupler, Directional
ATS-70TU Antenna Tuner Unit CU-651/UR Coupler, Antenna
ATS-MCU-70 Monitor Control lUnit C-2413/URA Control-Indicator
ATS-MCU-2-50/U Monitor Control Unit C-2995/URA-27 Control-Indicator
AX-262   CY-3577/FRT-52A  
AX-263   CY-3578/FRT-54A  
AX-357   CY-3712/FRT-39D  
AX-358   CY-3713/FRT-40B  
AX-503   TS-1236B/URM-116  
AX-583   CH-558/URA  
AX-584   CV-2099/URA-55  
AX-585   CV-2098/URA-54  
Blank Panel   SB-970/FRTT-39 Panel, Blank
BP5X-1   PP-4323/UR  
BSP-2D   LS-509A/G  
BSP-6 Bridging Speaker Panel LS-521/FRR-72 Loudspeaker Assembly
CA-103   R-5007/FRR-502 Receiver Subassy w/ Cable
CAB-3 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2844/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CAB-7 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2660/URT-17A Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
CBE-1 Sideband Exciter O-714/UR Oscillator, Radio Frequency
CFA-1 Frequency Shift Converter CV-763/URR Converter, Frequency Shift
CHG-1 Frequency Amplifier AM-2505/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
CHG-2 Frequency Amplifier AM-2505A/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
CHG-2B Frequency Amplifier AM-2505C/URA-31 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
CHL-1 Divider Chain CV-928/URA-31 Frequency Divider
CK-2 Takeup Reel RL-213/U Puller, Tape
CLL-1 Controlled Oscillator O-717/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
CMO-1 Conrolled Master Oscillator O-716/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
COPA-2   CY-4596/FRR-72  
CPO-1 Controlled Precision Oscillator AN/URA-31 Oscillator-Power Supply Group
CPO-1A Controlled Precision Oscillator AN/URA-31A Oscillator-Power Supply Group
CPO-1C Controlled Precision Oscillator AN/URA-31C Oscillator-Power Supply Group
CPP-1 Power Supply PP-2561/URA-31 Power Supply
CPP-2 Power Supply PP-2562/URA-31 Power Supply
CPP-5 Power Supply PP-2561A/URA-31 Power Supply
CRA-1 Frequency Shift Converter CV-763/URR Converter, Frequency Shift
CSS-1 Frequency Standard O-715/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
CSS-1A Frequency Standard O-715A/URA-31 Oscillator, Radio Frequency
CSS-1B Primary Standard O-715B/URA-31  
CSS-1C Primary Standard O-715C/URA-31  
CSS-2 Frequency Standard O-1275/UR  
DDR-5 (variations) Diversity Receiver AN/FRR-60(V) Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5A Diversity Receiver AN/FRR-60(V)2 Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5A/MSGA-1 Diversity Radio Receiver AN/FRR-73 Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5B Diversity Receiver AN/FRR-60(V)3 Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5B3 Diversity Receiver AN/FRR-60(V)4 Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5C/MSGA-1/ARCA-1 Diversity Radio Receiver AN/FRR-72 Receiving Set, Radio
DDR-5K Diversity Radio Receiver AN/FRR-74 Receiving Set, Radio
DVM-4 Diversity Visual Monitor IP-641/URR Mointor, Radio Frequency
FFR (variations) Receiver Control Group AN/FRR-49(V) Receiver Control Group
FFR-2 Communications Receiver R-5007/FRR-502 Receiver Subassembly
FFR-3 Communications Receiver R-5007A/FRR-502 Receiver Subassembly
FFRD-1 RF Tuner TN-274/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency
FFRD-2 RF Tuner TN-275/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency
FFRD-3 RF Tuner TN-276/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency
FFRD-3M RF Tuner TN-277/FRR-502 Tuner, Radio Frequency
FFRD-5 RF Tuner TN-5010/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 2-4 Mc
FFRD-6/-6A RF Tuner TN-5011/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 4-8 Mc
FFRD-7 RF Tuner TN-5012/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 8-16 Mc
FFRD-7B RF Tuner TN-5012A/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 8-16 Mc
FFRD-8A RF Tuner TN-5014/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 16-32 Mc
FFRD-8B RF Tuner TN-5014A/FRR-502 Tuner, RF 16-32 Mc
FFRD-P Storage Panel Assembly CY-5045/FRR-502 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
FFRD-PH Storage Panel Assembly CY-5045A/FRR-502 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
FRR (Basic) Fixed Frequency Receiver AN/FRR-502 Receiver Control Group
FRR-3 Communications Receiver R-5007A/FRR-502 Receiver Subassembly
FRR-35   R-5007/FRA-502(M)  
FSA-1 Frequency Shift Analyser AN/URM-116 Spectrum Analyser Group
FSA-2 Frequency Shift Analyser AN/URM-116A Spectrum Analyser Group
FSA-3 Frequency Shift Analyser AN/URM-116B Spectrum Analyser Group
FXS-1 Frequency Shift Keyer AN/URA-33 Keyer Group
GPR-90R Communications Receiver R-825/URR Receiver, Radio
GPR-90RX Communications Receiver R-840/URR  
GPT-10K Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39 Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-A2 Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-AC-7 Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39C Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-AC-7 Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39F Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10KLFA   AN/FRT-74(V)-1  
GPT-10K-R Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39B Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-R Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-39D Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-T Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-52 Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-10K-T Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-52A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-1KAQ   AN/FRT-68  
GPT-200K   AN/FRT-62  
GPT-200KB   AN/FRT-62B  
GPT-200KC   AN/FRT-62C  
GPT-200KD   AN/FRT-62D  
GPT-40K Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-40 Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-40K-E Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-40A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-40K-E3 Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-40B Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-40K-F Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-54A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-40K-F2 Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-54A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-40K-R Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-40C Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-750(D)-1 Radio Transmitter AN/URT-17 Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-750(D)-2 Radio Transmitter AN/URT-17A Transmitting Set, Radio
GPT-750-(E)-2 General Purpose Transmitter AN/FRT-55 Transmitting Set, Radio
HAF-1 Audio Filter F-712/FRR-60(V) Filter, Pass-Band Suppression
HFA-1 AF Amplifier AM-3296/FRR-60(V) Amplifier, Audio Frequency
HFAR   AM-4272/FRR-72  
HFI-1 IF Amplifier and Mixer AM-3295/FRR-60(V) Amplifier, Intermediate Frequency
HFIR-1 Amplifier, Intermediate Frequency AM-4273/FRR-72  
HFP-1 Power Supply PP-3341/FRR-60(V) Power Supply
HFR-1 Continuous RF Tuner TN-376/UR Tuner, Radio Frequency
HFR-1A   TN-376A/UR  
HFR-2B   TN-440/UR  
HFRR-2 Tuner, Radio Frequency TN-426/FRR-72  
HFS-1 Frequency Synthesizer & Standard O-914/UR Generator, Reference Signal
HFSR-1 Generator, Reference Signal O-1258/FRR-72  
HNF-1 Variable Notch Filter F-711/FRR-60(V) Filter, Pass-Band Suppression
HPP-1   SB-1866/FR  
HSP-2   SB-1865/FR  
HSS-1   LS-491/FR  
HSS-3/LSP-4A Loudspeaker Panel LS-520/FRR-72 Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet
HSS-8   LS-533/U  
ISK-1 Isolation Keyer KY-333/URA Keyer
KMCU-1   C-6652/URT  
LFA-2 Low Frequency Amplifer AM-3222/URA-41 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
LFRA   AS-1793/URR  
LFSA-1   O-1276/UR  
LRA-4   AM-4270/URA-41A  
LSP-4 Loudspeaker Assy LS-452/U Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet
LSP-6 Loudspeaker Assy LS-453/U Loudspeaker Assy
MAF-1 Multiple Audio Filter F-950/FRR Filter, Band Pass-Band Suppression
MCG-1 Multiple Carrier Generator O-1257/FRR Generator, Reference Signal
MCP-1 Control Panel SB-971/FRT-39 Panel, Monitor
MCP-2 Control Panel SB-971A/FRT-39 Panel, Monitor
MFP-1 Power Supply PP-4261/FRR Power Supply
MNF-1 Multiple Notch Filter F-949/FRR Filter, Band Pass-Band Suppression
MPS-1 Power Supply PP-4262/FRR Power Supply
MSA-1 Multiple Sideband Adapter CV-1865/FRR Converter, Single Sideband
MSR-1 Single Sideband Converter CV-591/URR Single Sideband Converter
MSR-3 Mode Selector, Receiving CV-657/URR Single Sideband Converter
MSR-3A Mode Selector, Receiving CV-657A/URR Single Sideband Converter
MSR-4 Mode Selector, Receiving CV-591A/URR Single Sideband Converter
MSR-5   CV-1722/URR  
MSR-9   CV-1758/URR  
PA Power Amplifier AX-236/FRT-39/40  
PAL-1K Linear Power Amplifier AN/URA-36 Amplifier-Power Supply Group
PAL-1KA Linear Power Amplifier AN/URA-36A Amplifier-Power Supply Group
PAL-1KB Linear Power Amplifier AN/URA-36B Amplifier-Power Supply Group
PAL-200K   AM-4545/FRT-62  
PAL-350C Linear Power Amplifier AM-2867/GRT-9 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
PMO-2 Portable Master Oscillator O-459/URT Oscillator, Radio Frequency
PMO-5 Portable Master Oscillator O-459A/URT Oscillator, Radio Frequency
PPTA-1   CY-4700/G  
PS-2 Power Supply PP-2206/URM-116 Power Supply
PS-4 Power Supply PP-2765/URA-36 Power Supply
PS-4A Power Supply PP-2765A/URA-36A Power Supply
PS-5 Power Supply PP-2766/URA-36 Power Supply
PS-5 Power Supply PP-2766/URA-36A Power Supply
PSP-1 Power Supply PP-2232/U Power Supply
PSP-2 Power Supply PP-3096/U Power Supply
PSP-350 Power Supply PP-2839/GRT-9 Power Supply
PTE-1 Single Sideband Analyzer AN/GRM-33 Test Set, Radio
PTE-3 Single Sideband Analyzer AN/GRM-33A Test Set, Radio
PTE-3A RF Spectrum Analyzer AN/GRM-33B  
PTE-4 RF Spectrum Analyzer AN/GRM-33C  
QDP-411A Patch Panel SB-931/U Panel, Signal Distributing, Radio
QDP-7AIX11   SB-931/U  
RAC-32 (RAC-30 w/ Es. St. 787) Antenna Coupler CU-836/U Coupler, Antenna
RAK-1 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2530/U Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-7 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2805/GRM-33 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-9 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3004/URT-19(v) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-10 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3579/FRT-53A Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-11 Rack CY-2823/URA-30 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-102 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-4597/FRR-72 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-104 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-4598/FRR-72 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-11 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2823/URA-30 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-16 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment OA-3078/GRT-9 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-17   CY-4594/UR  
RAK-20 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3442/URA-41 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-20 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3443/URA-41 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-21 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3566/FRR-60(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-21B   CY-7000/FRR-60(V)  
RAK-22 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3567/FRR-60(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-43   CY-4463/URR-50(V)  
RAK-7 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2805/GRM-33 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-7B Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-2805A/GRM-33 Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-9 & RAK-9B Cabinet, Electrical Equipment CY-3004/URT-19(V) Cabinet, Electrical Equipment
RAK-96-2   CY-485/FRR-74  
RAK-9Q   CY-3703/FRT-56  
RARA   AN/URA-55  
RASA   AN/URA-54  
RCR (variations) Remote Control System AN/FRA-19(V) Receiver Control Group
RCR-5 Remote Control System AN/FRA-501 Receiver Control Group
RCR-5A Remote Control System AN/FRA-501A Receiver Control Group
RFB-1 Linear Power Amplifier AM-2103/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RFC-1 Linear Power Amplifier AM-2103A/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RFC-1A Linear Power Amplifier AM-2103B/URT Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RFD-1 RF Amplifier AM-2785/URA-36 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RFD-1A RF Amplifier AM-2785A/URA-36 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RGCA-1   C-7007/URR  
RMX-1 Voice Frequency Multiplexer TD-410/UGC  
RRCA-1   C-7006/URR  
RSA-2 Audio Frequency Amplifier AM-5028/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio 
RSC-2(A) Remote System Control Unit C-5027/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-2(B) Remote System Control Unit C-5028/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-2(C) Remote System Control Unit C-5029/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-2(D) Remote System Control Unit C-5030/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-2(E) Remote System Control Unit C-5031/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-3(A) Remote System Control Unit C-5027A/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-3(B) Remote System Control Unit C-5028A/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-3(C) Remote System Control Unit C-5029A/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-3(D) Remote System Control Unit C-5030A/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSC-3(E) Remote System Control Unit C-5031A/FRA-501 Control, Remote
RSD-2(A) Remote System Discriminator CV-5013/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-2(B) Remote System Discriminator CV-5014/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-2(C) Remote System Discriminator CV-5015/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-2(D) Remote System Discriminator CV-5016/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-2(E) Remote System Discriminator CV-5017/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-3(A) Remote System Discriminator CV-5013A/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-3(B) Remote System Discriminator CV-5014A/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-3(C) Remote System Discriminator CV-5015A/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-3(D) Remote System Discriminator CV-5016A/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSD-3(E) Remote System Discriminator CV-5017A/FRA-501 Detector, AF
RSF-2(A) Remote System Filter F-5006/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly
RSF-2(B) Remote System Filter F-5007/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly
RSF-2(C) Remote System Filter F-5008/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly
RSF-2(D) Remote System Filter F-5009/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly
RSF-2(E) Remote System Filter F-5010/FRA-501 Filter Asssembly
RSM-2 Remote System Mixer AM-5027/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RSM-3 Remote System Mixer AM-5027A/FRA-501 Amplifier, Radio Frequency
RSP-2 Remote System Power Supply PP-5030/FRA-501 Power Supply
RSP-3 Remote System Power Supply PP-5030A/FRA-501 Power Supply
RTB-4 Rhombic Terminal Unit MX-2379A/FRR Terminal Unit, Antenna
RTC Remote Control Amplifier AM-2454/URT Amplifier, Control
RTDA-1   TS-2443/UR  
RTF-1 Amplifier-Oscillator AM-1703/URT-17 Amplifier-Oscillator
RTF-2 Amplifier-Oscillator AM-2271/URT-17A Amplifier-Oscillator
RTIA-1 Channel Frequency Indicator ID-1277/FRR-72 Channel Frequency Indicator
RTID-1 Channel Frequency Indicator ID-1367/URR  
RTKY-1 Perforator-Reader TT-477/FRR-72  
RTM-1 Modulator Deck MD-304/URT-17 Modulator-Power Supply
RTMU-1 Coverter-Storer, Signal Data CY-1876/FRR-72  
RTP-1 Power Supply PP-1768/URT-17 Power Supply
RTP-2 Power Supply PP-2396/URT-17A Power Supply
RTPA-1 Electronic Programmer MX-6758/FRR-72  
RTRS-1   MX-6759/FRR-72  
RTS-2 Panel, Chassis Assy MT-2193/URT-17A Drawer Electrical Equipment
RTTD-1 Decoder, Receiver KY-546/FRR-72  
SA-1 Spectrum Analyzer TS-1236/URM-116 Analyzer, Spectrum
SA-2 Spectrum Analyzer TS-1236A/URM-116 Analyzer, Spectrum
SBC-1 Sideband Converter AN/URA-42A Single Sideband Converter Group
SBC-1A Sideband Converter AN/URA-42A Single Sideband Converter Group
SBE-1 Transmitting Mode Selector AN/URA-23 Modulator Power Supply Group
SBE-2 Transmitting Mode Selector AN/URA-23A Modulator Power Supply Group
SBE-3 Sideband Generator AN/URA-28 Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBE-3 Sideband Generator AN/URA-28A Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1 Sideband Generator AN/URA-30 Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1A Sideband Generator AN/URA-30A Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1B/-2B Sideband Generator AN/URA-30B Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1L Low Frequency Sideband Generator AN/URA-41 Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1LA Low Frequency Sideband Generator AN/URA-41A Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBG-1LB Low Frequency Sideband Generator AN/URA-41B Modulator-Oscillator Group
SBS-1 Sideband Selector CV-1288/UR Converter, Single Sideband
SBS-2 Sideband Selector CV-1293/FRR-60(V) Converter, Single Sideband
SBT-1K(J) General Purpose Transmitter AN/FRT-53A Transmitting Set, Radio
SBT-1K-(variations) General Purpose Transmitter AN/URT-19(V) Transmitting Set, Radio
SBT-1K-J Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-53 Transmitting Set, Radio
SBT-1K-L General Purpose Transmitter AN/FRT-57 Transmitting Set, Radio
SBT-1K-Q General Purpose Transmitter AN/FRT-56 Transmitting Set, Radio
SPP-3 Switching Patch Panel SB-932/U Panel, Signal Distribution, Radio
SPU-2   AM-3095/URT  
SW-195 Switch, RF SA-598/U Switch Box
SWCU-1   C-6465/FRT  
SWR-1K Standing Wave Ratio Indicator IM-166/URT Indicator, Standing Wave
SYM-2002/1 Teletypewriter Central AN/MCG-21 Teletypewriter Central
SYM-2002/1/3 (VB9-S2-40) V235/M Trailer Van
SYM-2002/12/13/14   PP-554/M  
SYM-2002/12/13/14 Diesel Generator PU-554/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted
SYM-2002/12/13/14 (VB6-S1-20) V-231/MSC-42 Trailer Van
SYM-2002/2 Radio Receiver AN/MRR-9 Receivng Set, Radio
SYM-2002/2 (VB9-S2-40) V-234/MRR-9 Trailer Van
SYM-2002/4   PP-552/M  
SYM-2002/4 Diesel Generator PU-552/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted
SYM-2002/4 (VB9-S1-25) V238/MSC-40 Trailer Van
SYM-2002/5 Radio Transmitter AN/MRT-10 Transmitting Set, Radio
SYM-2002/5/7 (VB9-S2-40) V-233/MRT Trailer Van
SYM-2002/6 Radio Transmitter AN/MRT-11 Transmitting Set, Radio
SYM-2002/6 (VB9-S2-40) V-232/MTR-11 Trailer Van
SYM-2002/7 Radio Transmitter AN/MRT-12 Transmitting Set, Radio
SYM-2002/8   PP-553/M  
SYM-2002/8   PU-533/M Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted
SYM-2002/8 (VB9-S2-40) V236/MRT-13 Trailer Van
SYM-2002/9/10/11 Communications Central AN/MSC-42 Communications Central
SYM-2002/9/10/11   V237/MSC-42  
SYM-2002/R Communications Central AN/MSC-40 Communications Central
SYM-2002/T Communications Central AN/MRT-13 Communications Central
SYM-2002/TR Communications Central AN/MSC-39 Communications Central
SYM-2003   AN/TSC-24(V) Communications Central
SYM-2003/1   AN/TRT-12(V) Transmitting Set, Radio
SYM-2003/2   AN/TRR-16(V) Control, Receiving Set, Radio
SYM-2003/3   OA-3772/TSC-24(V) Communications Relay Group
SYM-2003/4   AN/TRT-13 Transmitting Set, Radio
SYM-2003/5   PP-550/TSC-24(V)  
SYM-2003/5   PU-550/TSC-24(V) Generator Set, Diesel Engine, Trailer Mounted
SYM-2003/6 (NCH-84RD) S-242/T Shelter, Electrical Equipment
SYM-2003/7 (NCH-92RD) S-243/TRT-13 Shelter, Electrical Equipment
SYM-2003/8 (NCH-84RD) S-253/TSC-24(V) Shelter, Electronic Shop Main.
SYM-2003-TE1   AN/TRT-19  
SYM-2005/RA1   OA-3818/TSR-1  
SYM-2005/RD1   OA-4941/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-GR   AN/TSQ-56  
SYM-2005-GR1   OA-4968/TSQ-56  
SYM-2005-GR2   OA-4969/TSQ-56  
SYM-2005-GR3   PP-600/TSQ  
SYM-2005-GR4/GR5   PU-612/TSQ  
SYM-2005-GT   AN/TSQ-55  
SYM-2005-GT1   OA-4921/TSQ-55  
SYM-2005-GT2   OA-4922/TSQ-55  
SYM-2005-GT3   PU-600/TSQ-55  
SYM-2005-HELIX   OA-4940/TST-2  
SYM-2005-R   AN/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RA2   OA-4936/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RB1   AN/TGC-16  
SYM-2005-RB2   OA-4937/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RB3   OA-4938/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RC1   OA-4939/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RD2   OA-4942/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RE1   AN/TGC-17  
SYM-2005-RE2   OA-4943/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RE3   OA-4944/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RE4   AN/TSR-2  
SYM-2005-RF1   OA-4945/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RF2   OA-4950/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RF3   OA-4951/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RG1   OA-4966/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RH1   OA-4967/TSR-1  
SYM-2005-RJ1   AN/TGC-18  
SYM-2005-RJ2   AN/TGC-19  
SYM-2005-TA1   AN/TRT-17  
SYM-2005-TA3   AN/TRT-23  
SYM-2005-TB1   AN/TRT-18  
SYM-2005-TC1   OA-4915/TST-2  
SYM-2005-TD1   OA-4916/TST-2  
SYM-2005-TF1   OA-4917/TST-2  
SYM-2005-TG1   OA-4918/TST-2  
SYM-2005-TH2   AN/TRT-20  
SYM-2005-TR   AN/TSC-35  
SYM-3005-RAS   OA-7041/TSR-1  
SYN-2002/3 Communications Central AN/MSC-41 Communications Central
TAC-1 Antenna Tuning Unit CU-658/UR Coupler, Antenna
TER-100K/50U   DA-395/U  
TER-25KC-50U/AX-278-1   DA-413/U  
TER-3500-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load DA-200/U Dummy Load, Electrical
TER-5000-50U Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load DA-209/U Dummy Load, Electrical
TER-5000-50U/AX-287   DA-411/U  
TER-5000-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load DA-201/U Dummy Load, Electrical
TER-5000-70U Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load DA-210/U Dummy Load, Electrical
TER-500-600B Transmitting Ant. Dissipator & Dummy Load DA-199/U Dummy Load, Electrical
TIS-3 Tone Intelligence Unit TH-39A/UGT Terminal, Telegraph
TIS-3 Tone Intelligence Unit TH-30A/UGT Terminal, Telegraph
TIS-3A Tone Intelligence Unit TH-39B/UGT Terminal, Telegraph
TMX-1 Voice Frequency Demultiplexer TD-411/UGC  
TRC-3500 w ESW 787   CU-1076/URT  
TRC-3500-70/600B Transmitting Antenna Coupler CU-729/URT Coupler, Antenna
TRC-500-50U/600B/AX-287 CU-1450/G  
TST-2 Terminal, Telegraph TH-39/UGT Terminal, Telegraph
TTF-2 Band Pass Filter F-425/UGT Filter, Band Pass
TTG-1 Two Tone Generator O-579/URT Generator, Signal
TTG-2 Two Tone Generator O-579A/URT Generator, Signal
TTS (variations) Tone Telegraph Systems AN/FGC-60(V)  
VLRA   R-1333(P)/URR  
VLRAD-3   TN-430/URR  
VLRAD-4   TN-431/URR  
VLRAD-5   TN-432/URR  
VLRB   R-1366/URR  
VOX-2 Variable Frequency Oscillator O-330/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency
VOX-3 Variable Frequency Oscillator O-330A/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency
VOX-5 Variable Frequency Oscillator O-330B/FR Oscillator, Radio Frequency
VRA-1 Vertical Receiving Antenna AT-730/GR Antenna, Receiving
XFK-1 Frequency Shift Converter C-2749/URT Control, Electrical, Frequency
XFK-2 Frequency Shift Converter C-2749A/URT Control, Electrical, Frequency