Project Jenny Drawings

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This page contains links to searchable lists of drawings for TMC's Project Jenny.  TMC was the systems integrator for the broadcast equipment used by the Blue Eagle Squadron in southeast Asia during the Vietnam war.  The Blue Eagles flew several Super Constellations (C-121's) equipped with television and radio transmitters that broadcast entertainment to the troops during the war, as well as psy-ops broadcasts.  These aircraft were the first of a series of flying broadcast stations flown by various government agencies over the years, but the Blue Eagles squadron pioneered aerial TV broadcasts.  The planes even included a small on-board TV studio!

Drawings for the project began with number 8000, and were outside the domain of TMC's regular drawings, so are listed separately on this page.

A Assembly Drawings
AA Antenna Drawings
AX Miscellaneous Parts & Assemblies
AZ Amplifiers, all Types
CA Cables
CK Schematics
CO Capacitors, Fixed, Air
CS Castings (and, oddly, Capacitor, Fixed, Solid Electrolyte, Tantalum)
DC Directional Couplers
DD Diodes, Semiconductor
GR Gears
HI Hinges
ID  Installation Drawings
LI Lens, Indicator
MC Mechanical Couplings
MO Motors
MS Metal Stampings
NP Nameplates
PC Printed Circuit Boards
PL Plugs, All Types
PM Machined Parts 
PO Miscellaneous Purchased Parts
PX Phenolic, Sheets or Formed
RL Relays, All Types
RV Resistors, Variable, Composition
RW Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound, Power Type
SW Switches, Other than Toggle or Sensitive
TI Timers