Guide to TMC Drawings Signoff Initials

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The following table can be used as a guide to figure out who signed off on which drawings.   Engineering approval was usually done by the lead engineer on a project.

Name Initials Title
Tony Bernardi (ARB) Chief Engineer
Frank Budetti Engineer, and Tony Bernardi's right-hand man in the 50's, later VP of TMC
Dick Bush  
Bill Everett  
Tony Faiola Engineer at TMC, 1955-1963, and major contributor to this website and the TMC collecting hobby.
Murray Gellman Engineer, lead designer of the GPR-92, among others.
Joe de Greco Joe de Greco was the head of TMC's drafting department for many years.  He performed a difficult and thankless job, and his efforts went a long way to making TMC's products as great as they are!
Al Jerafsky Al was on board at TMC in 1955, and remained there for some years.  He authored many of the S-docs during the 50's, and was a major influence on many of TMC's products.
Pete Kilser Engineer, and evidently Tony Bernardi's assistant in 1952.
Ollie (Oleg) Pose Engineer with TMC from vacuum tube era well into solid-state era.  Pose designed much of TMC's later s/s equipment.
Bill Pritchard Chief Engineer after Tony Bernardi left TMC; Pritchard moved to TMC from University of Montana @ Bozeman, where he had led research efforts for TMC.