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Multronics, Inc. was the principal sub-contractor for Project Jenny (AKA Project 15, AKA Blue Eagle), the flying radio/TV station aboard Navy Constellation aircraft, that played a crucial role in both morale and propaganda broadcasting during the Vietnam War.

Project Jenny was supervised by the mercurial Capt. George Dixon, later a corporate officer at TMC.  Multronics actually did most of the serious engineering to enable the flying broadcast studio, a project that many thought was impossible.  This included the design and test of a trailing-wire antenna tuner (no-one was sure what would happen when driving this antenna at 10KW, with no counterpoise!) and a transmitting antenna coupler that allowed the HF and LF transmitters to share the trailing wire. 

I was privileged to interview John Showalter, a junior engineer at Multronics in the early 60's, who became Dixon's technical go-fer on Project Jenny.  John had many interesting adventures during the project, some of them reported on the Project Jenny page.  John very kindly made me a gift of the manuals and course-work shown below.. thanks much, John!

As information arrives, look on this page for more historical information about Multronics, and its founder John H. Mullaney.

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